Create Safer Waiting Lines With Queue Guard Germ Shields
Queue Guard® Germ Shield
In-Queue Merchandising Fixtures
Safeguard people in adjacent queue rows with integrated germ barriers.

  • Provides an effective physical shield from customers in adjacent rows of a queue
  • Allows people to still have visibility of the entire queue area
  • Use with standard 40-inch-tall queuing stanchions, then repurpose later in a standard post & panel queuing system
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Queue Guard Panel Sliding
Queue Guard panels can be repurposed as standard Post & Panel barriers

  • Simply remove the spacers in the stanchion grooves to position panels at a lower height
  • Customize with printed graphic inserts
  • Works with all Beltrac stanchions
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Start creating safer queues with Queue Guard®
Create Curved Partitions Using Hinged QGuard Protective Panels

  • Easily create protective barriers in curved or angled areas
  • Allows visibility to adjacent areas
Fit any layout with QGuard Hinged Panels
  • Queue Guard® Protective Hinged Panels

    Hinged QGuard Panel for Curved Layouts

    Position your protective germ barrier system at custom angles to fit almost any space with Hinged QGuard Panels and Beltrac Tall Posts.

  • Beltrac 78-Inch-Tall Post for Queue Guard®

    Beltrac Tall Post for Hinged QGuard

    Create a sturdy protective germ barrier using Beltrac Tall Posts and our Hinged QGuard panels. Includes a heavy base for increased stability.

Provide the Safeguards Customers Expect
Physical Shield Provides an added layer of protection within customer waiting lines.
Peace of Mind Assures the public that their safety and health is a top priority.
Queue Visibility Allows customers to have visibility of the entire queuing area.
Easy Installation Quickly slides into the dovetail grooves of Beltrac posts.
Seamless Integration Integrates seamlessly with Beltrac? queuing, safety, and signage solutions.
Repurpose Later Simply remove the spacers from the stanchion grooves to use as a standard Post & Panel system.
Watch Queue Guard in Action
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Queue Guard® Statement of Intended Use

The intended use of Queue Guard? panels is as an additional layer of protection implemented with other measures such as masks and social distancing already in practice. Government agencies have selected Queue Guard? to assist in protecting their employees and the public against the contraction of Covid-19.

Queue Guard? is designed as a ?sneeze guard,? shielding individuals from airborne droplets in a multiple lane queueing environment. The specific layout of Queue Guard? panels should be determined by the facility, considering local building and health codes.

Queue Guard? panels can meet ADA requirements based on their size and functionality. ADA states that the lower portion of a queuing lane barrier should not be more than 27? from the floor. Queue Guard? meets this requirement when needed. The primary goal of the product is to assist in protecting the health of the public.

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