Cable Railing Posts - Prefabricated, Ready-to-Install

C.A.T. Round Cable Railing Posts

CT/4S/EN/36/FR/FL |

Gastos de preparación: none |

Se envia en: 5 Business Days


Ready to install Cable Railing Posts with built-in anchoring and tensioning.

  • Built-in cable anchoring and tensioning saves time on the jobsite.
  • Built-in cable tensioning fittings hold the cable in place, preventing rotation and enabling single-handed tensioning from any end post.
  • Bulk-roll, continuous cable, saves money by eliminating wasted cuts and coupled fittings.
  • Prefabricated and ready to install right out of the box. No welding or post assembly required.

ASTM E935 Load Tests:

1 Material/Acabado
2 Altura de la poste
3 Estilo para montar
4 Posición del poste
5 Conexión de la barandilla
6 OD (Diám. Ext.) Tubería
7 Grosor del cable
8 Diámetro de la Barandilla
C.A.T. Round Cable Railing Posts

Se envia en: 5 Business Days

Gastos de preparación: none