Lavi Electronic Queuing System - Improve Customer Flow
Streamlined service: Lavi lights illuminate open registers, while our queue system TV showcases unique store identity. Streamlined service: Lavi lights illuminate open registers, while our queue system TV showcases unique store identity.
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Discover how an electronic queuing system can transform your business


We've helped hundreds of businesses improve their customer flow and increase sales with our electronic queuing systems.

  • A clock rewinding, representing efficiency.

    Decrease wait time

    Increasing customer throughput reduces wait times up to 30%

  • A yellow gear icon with a black upward arrow, symbolizing improvement.

    Increase efficiency

    Service agents have less down time because customers know where to go.

A digital queuing system displaying 'Please proceed to station 2' streamlining customer flow and improving efficiency.
  • A yellow smiley face, representing delight.

    Delight customers

    Improve your customers' experience with clear, engaging media.

  • A financial graph that's increasing, indicating sales growth.

    Boost sales

    Targeted promotional media on the digital display increases sales

Its simplicity is its strength.

Reliable, closed-network wireless technology uses digital signage, audio cues, and station lights to improve the way customers are called for service. Simple. Scalable. Dependable.


Our customers love us.

5 stars to indicate superb customer satisfaction.
We achieved an immediate improvement in customer flow while increasing impulse sales in the checkout line.
Legends Hospitality Management Cowboys Stadium
Legends Hospitality Management Cowboys Stadium using our electronic queueing system in their checkout lines.

Trusted by top brands

Find out why we're the best in class electronic queuing systems.

  • A Lavi Electronic Queuing System tv monitor kit hanging from the ceiling of a store.

    Flexible Media Screen

    Queuing messages can easily be customized to include arrows, numbers, and even branding. Additionally, advertising or other media can play in-between queuing prompts, keeping waiting customers engaged.

  • The Lavi electronic queue system remote control, a handheld device used to manage customer flow and queuing.

    Multiple Queue Control

    With the multi-button remote (available with Enterprise systems), customers can be called from up to 3 different lines. For example, if the Customer Service queue is empty, the agent can call customers from other lines using a different button.

  • A row of cash registers, each with our Lavi register lights in action to safely manage the flow of customers.

    Universal Register Light Control

    Register Light Controllers can control almost any light. Since lights are controlled individually, they can continue to flash even after the queuing message has ended on the media display, keeping customers focused on where they are headed.

  • The Lavi Electronic tv monitor, showcasing the Lavi electronic queuing systems multi-language support.

    Multi-Language Support

    Lavi Electronic Queuing supports up to two audio messages for each queuing prompt, one for each selected language. Real-voice audio files sound natural and clear, and can be set for any language. An audible tone helps get customers attention.

  • A circular arrangement of our Lavi electronic queueing system controllers.

    Self-Contained Wireless Network

    Lavi Electronic Queuing uses a self-contained Z-Wave network, so it won't compromise or interfere with your other networks. Each remote acts as a repeater, extending the network reach, allowing for communication across great distances.

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Optimize your queue, delight your customers, and start building brand loyalty.
Logo of the Lavi Electronic Queuing Plug-n-Play bundle.
Logo of the Lavi Electronic Queuing System for Enterprise customers.
Convenient, Pre-Configured Bundle
Our hassle-free kits save you time and money with a system that can be up and running in minutes.
Option enabled for the plug-n-play bundle.
Quick & Simple Installation
Installation is a breeze. Simply connect a few parts, plug them in, and you're ready for action.
Option enabled for the plug-n-play bundle.
Option enabled for enterprises.
Add Flashing Register Lights
Register Light Controllers integrate any new or existing light into the system, enabling it to flash when a customer is called.
Option enabled for the plug-n-play bundle.
Option enabled for enterprises.
Show Videos & Image Slide Shows
Leverage powerful media capabilities by promoting to your captive queue audience.
Option enabled for the plug-n-play bundle.
Option enabled for enterprises.
Standard Graphics & Audio
Standard graphics, messaging, and real-voice audio prompts keep your queue moving smoothly.
Option enabled for the plug-n-play bundle.
Option enabled for enterprises.
Customize Graphics & Audio
Add your brand, arrows, and custom audio messages, including multiple languages.
Option enabled for enterprises.
Expand with extra stations
Businesses change, and your system can easily grow along with you by adding stations and controlling multiple queues.
Option enabled for enterprises.


Up your queuing game with register lights.

Speed up the wait with auto flashing station lights. Alert customers to available positions even after they have started their approach to the service counter. Creates a self-correcting hailing process that's easy for customers and frustration-free for your service staff.
Two options of the Lavi register light with the first being an etched panel and the other being a backlit panel.

The anatomy of a lavi electronic queuing system.

Our Lavi NeXtrac Store fixture, a sleek and efficient queue management solution.

Leverage the synergy of digital signage and impulse merchandising.

Increase impulse sales at checkout by advertising products that are merchandised in the queue. NeXtrac Store Fixtures serve double-duty as queuing and merchandising fixtures, providing a powerful companion to the Q Digital Display. Let your queue start earning for you.

Create a safer, more efficient checkout queue.

Electronic queuing and physical distancing solutions help Smart & Final create a safer checkout process.


Experience the power of a single line queue.

Your goal is to design a queue that will cut wait times and increase customer satisfaction. Often the choice is between a single line queue and a multiple line queue. Which is more efficient? This video breaks it down.


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