Backlit Panel Register Lights

Backlit Panel Register Lights

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Elevate your customer service with the Backlit Panel Register Light by Lavi Industries. These lights serve as a beacon of efficiency, leading customers seamlessly to available service positions. Praised for their consistent performance and adaptability, they play a critical role in enhancing customer flow and reducing confusion, particularly in high-traffic settings. The LED-backlit panels illuminate vinyl numbers or graphics on a diffusion sleeve, making visibility clear and impactful, even in bright environments.

Optimize service efficiency with Lavi Industries’ Cashier Register Lights.

  • Brand Alignment: Tailor these lights with your brand's distinctive typography, emblem, or slogan, creating a unified brand presence that resonates through to your point of sale.
  • Flexible Mounting Options: Our register lights are adaptable to your specific needs, offering surface, ceiling, wall, or portable base installations that ensure prominence and utility in any setting.
  • Electronic Queuing Ready: These lights integrate seamlessly with Lavi’s Flashing Light Controller, providing a synchronized addition to your current electronic queuing system.
  • Effective Customer Direction: When paired with a Lavi Electronic Queuing System, our register lights utilize recognizable flashing cues to direct customers to open service positions, even after they have passed the primary queue display.
  • Certified Safety Standards: UL tested and approved, our register lights adhere to stringent safety protocols, delivering a reliable and secure lighting solution for your establishment.

NOTE: Backlit Panel Register Lights ordered online will use standard font and white LED’s as shown, starting with #1 and ascending in order with the total amount of lights ordered. (e.g., If you order 5 lights, you will receive a #1, 2, 3, 4, and 5.) For other options, or custom graphics and colors please call, message, or chat with us.

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Backlit Panel Register Lights

Se envia en: 5 Business Days

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  • Pole Mount

    Pole-mounted Register Lights are perfect for counter top applications where electrical outlets are available under the counter. Pole mounting also works well for ceiling-mount applications. Standard and custom pole heights available.

  • Wall Mount

    Wall-mounted Register Lights can be mounted to any vertical surface, such as a soffit or partition wall. Like our other mounting options, the wall mount fixture allows the light panel to be rotated in any direction for maximum visibility.

  • Portable Base

    Portable Register Lights feature a heavy-weight, cast-iron base for the perfect blend of stability and portability. Eight inch diameter base with non-marking rubberized feet. Standard and custom pole heights available.



Extend your brand to your service points

Leverage the expertise of our in-house Graphics & Design Department to craft a distinctive look for your station lights, perfectly mirroring the essence of your brand. With options to personalize graphics, typography, and color schemes, we elevate your brand identity and infuse visual distinction into your space. Connect with a Q expert today to transform your vision into reality!