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Section separated by a Q logo, with the left being a blue background and the right having a smiling helpdesk support team member, on a phone-call with a customer. Section separated by a Q logo, with the left being a blue background and the right having a smiling helpdesk support team member, on a phone-call with a customer.


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Industry leading support.

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Electronic Queuing System Installation and Training.

Our seasoned experts can install your enterprise Lavi Electronic Queuing System and manage your rollout. Or we can collaborate with your contractors, ensuring a flawless setup.

After installation, we can provide comprehensive staff training, ensuring a smooth transition to the new queuing experience for your team and your customers.



Electronic Queuing Guides

  • Streamlined service: Lavi lights illuminate open registers, while our queue system TV showcases unique store identity.

    Guide to Effective Electronic Queuing

    Discover how to effectively use your electronic queuing system and how to manage customer and employee adoption.

  • Floating light controllers heading towards our customizable Lavi tv monitor.

    Troubleshooting Guide

    Get the most out of your new electronic queueing system with this step-by-step operating and troubleshooting guide.

  • Our tv monitor with a ACE Harware store graphic, on a pole mount, hanging from the ceiling.

    Media Specifications

    Changing or updating media is easy. By following these step-by-step guidelines, your electronic queuing system can be updated in a few minutes.

Frequently Asked Questions
No. Lavi Electronic Queuing uses its own wireless network to communicate. It is completely self-contained and separate from your existing networks. And it's built right into the electronic queuing system so all you have to do is turn it on.
No. Lavi Electronic Queuing uses the Z-Wave wireless communication protocol. Z-Wave operates at a frequency of 908.42 MHz in the US and Canada. Most other wireless devices operate at a much higher frequency of 2.4 GHz.
Z-Wave is a wireless communications protocol used primarily for residential and commercial building automation that uses low-energy radio waves to communicate from device to device. It is a mesh network, meaning that each Z-Wave node can act as a signal repeater, expanding the network with each added device. The Z-Wave mesh network allows Lavi Electronic Queuing to communicate through cabinets and walls, and over longer distances than other wireless protocols.
Definitely! Simply copy your media onto a USB Drive and insert into an available USB slot on the Q Computer. Your media will play between queuing prompts. See our Media Specifications Guide for more information.
Yes! Lavi Electronic Queuing uses real audio files utilizing natural, native voices. The system can be programmed to use any 2 audio files in any language when calling customers. Graphics can also contain multiple languages.
We use only real voices in our voice files, creating a natural, pleasant-sounding command. The system features a dual-voice option that rotates between a male and female voice, combating “voice fatigue,” a phenomenon where customers tune out monotonous sounds.
It's simple and easy. Your Lavi Electronic Queuing System can be up and running in minutes. Just mount the TV Display, plug in the remotes, and turn on the system. Of course, if you've added Station Lights those will need to be mounted and plugged in to the Light Controllers.
Station remotes are an easy way for service associates to call the next available customer to service. However, on your Enterprise System, we can integrate a digital calling button directly into your POS or cash register so that it is conveniently located for your staff. Additionally, we can automate the hailing process by calling the next customer upon end of transaction. Please contact sales for more information.
Yes. The Lavi Electronic Queuing System can be integrated into your POS, digital signage, and other business applications. Please contact sales for more information.
Yes. With enterprise systems we offer a 3-Button Station Remote, which can call from up to 3 different queues/systems. We can also provide 1-Button and 2-Button Station Remotes for your enterprise solution.
For Plug ‘n Play systems you can change the theme of your system by swapping out the small USB Theme Drive for another one that came with your system. To add a Flashing Register Light into your system, just plug it into the pre-paired Light Controller that came with your system.

For Enterprise systems, simply contact our HelpDesk and make your request. A new configuration USB and/or additional Station Remotes or Light Controllers pre-paired to your system will be sent out immediately. Just plug them in and you're good to go.
If you have an Enterprise system additional queues can be easily added. Simply contact our HelpDesk and we'll take it from there.
No. The Lavi Electronic Queuing System can remain on 24/7. Its low power consumption and industrial-strength components provide you with many years of reliable service.
Most issues can be resolved with a simple re-boot. For additional help, please refer to our Troubleshooting Guide or contact our HelpDesk.
Although rare, Station Remotes do sometimes break. We keep your system and configuration data on file. Simply contact us and let us know what station # needs replacing. We'll ship one out immediately, pre-paired to your system.
The Lavi Electronic Queuing system and components include a 1 Year Limited Warranty. An extra 1 or 2 year warranty can be purchased at an additional cost for a total of up to 3 years of coverage. Every Lavi Electronic Queuing system comes with our industry-leading Lifetime Support, which gives you access to our HelpDesk for the life of your system. Contact us via phone, email, or chat.

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