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Keep Passengers Safe While Queuing
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Safe Social Distance Queuing
Physical Shield Provides an added layer of protection within passenger waiting lines.
Peace of Mind Assures the public that their safety and health is a top priority.
Queue Visibility Allows customers to have visibility of the entire queuing area.
Easy Installation Panels quickly slide into the grooves of Beltrac posts to create a secure barrier.
Seamless Integration Integrates seamlessly with Beltrac® queuing, safety, and signage solutions.
You’ll find Lavi solutions across the transportation industry:
Tailor a Queue to Your Needs
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Case Studies
Passenger Experience
Technology Solutions
Safety & Security
Case Study: Magnetic Base Stanchions

Magnetic-mounted stanchions provide an alternative to traditional core-drilled or portable stanchions in security checkpoints, ticketing, and other queues. Learn more >
Use Case: Architectural Curtain Walls & Gates

Learn how airports use modular partition walls and gates from Lavi Industries to improve access control and enhance passenger flow. Learn more >
DFW Case Study: The Airport of the Future

Discover how DFW is building “the airport of the future” as it manages large volumes of passengers in an ever-increasing competitive environment. Learn more >
The Essential Guide to Optimizing the Passenger Journey

This essential guide offers action steps to help airports, airlines, and the TSA optimize the passenger journey and create a more enjoyable experience for travelers. Learn more >
The Passenger Experience: An Interactive Tour

Explore how passengers interact with Lavi solutions all along the passenger journey in this interactive tour. Learn more >
The Passenger Experience: A Guide for Healthy Queues

The health of your queues can be a clear indicator of the overall health of your operations. This guide explores tips you can put to use right away. Learn more >
Use Case: Managing Occupancy and Wait Times

An exploration on ways to increase passenger throughput while improving operational efficiency and ROI. Learn more >
The Queuing Technology Solutions Buyer’s Guide

Get the inside scoop on some of today’s most powerful and useful queue management technology for your specific business needs. Learn more >
Virtual Queuing Across Industries: A Primer

This primer was created to help you see some of the many ways virtual queuing can improve the customer experience and improve your service efficiency. Learn more >
Safety and Security Solutions: A Buyer’s Guide

This guide focuses on our best safety and security solutions, from maintaining public safety to enhancing operational performance. Learn more >
VIDEO: Emergency Breakaway Belt End

Prevent passengers from getting trapped in large queues with our belt end that easily breaks-away from the stanchion to allow a quick and safe egress in any type of emergency. Learn more >
VIDEO: Post & Shield® Ballistic Panels

Watch the stopping power of Lavi Industries Post & Shield® Ballistic Panels featuring Armalloy 650 steel armor plating with Encapsaloc, an anti-ricochet, anti-slatting coating. Learn more >

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