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Need to reduce queues, without increasing staff? Lavi’s transportation solutions can help you optimize productivity, while streamlining the passenger experience. Combined with 35 years of expertise, our vast array of technology solutions and products help you move traffic swiftly through each queue. We'll help you monitor flow, provide wait-time notifications, alert and deploy staff, even redirect people to manage crowds with ease. We'll also remove the guesswork from team assignments—and from your cyclical staffing needs.

Turbocharge your staff, and create efficiencies in queue management and crowd control. Read more below—and give us a call!

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Case Studies

Airport Use Case: Architectural Curtain Walls and Gates

Learn how airports use modular partition walls and gates from Lavi Industries to improve access control and enhance passenger flow.

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Airport Case Study - Magnetic Base Stanchions

To modernize their operations, airports look to solutions that meet their requirements for operational efficiency, passenger experience, and aesthetics. Magnetic-mounted stanchions provide an alternative to traditional core-drilled or portable stanchions in security checkpoints, ticketing, and other queues.

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Case Study: The Airport of the Future

Managing the flow of a large volume of passengers is challenge enough. Add to this ever-increasing competition among airports for passengers and a leadership team that strives to build “the airport of the future” and the result is the DFW challenge.

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Use Case: Occupancy and Wait Time Management for Airport Queuing

As passenger traffic continues to grow, airports and airlines are faced with the continuous need to find innovative solutions to keep up with demand. Learn how you can increase passenger throughput while improving operational efficiency and ROI.

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Passenger Experience

Improving the Airport Passenger Experience: An Interactive Tour

The typical passenger journey starts during the approach to the airport and ends as one is leaving the parking garage or in a taxi. Explore how passengers interact with Lavi solutions all along the way.

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Optimizing the Passenger Journey

This essential guide offers action steps to help airports, airlines, and the TSA optimize the passenger journey and create a more enjoyable experience for travelers.

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The Passenger Experience Guide

Beyond the impression your queues have on passengers, the health of your queues can be a clear indicator of the overall health of your operations. Whether you’re trying to improve the passenger experience at an airport, bus terminal, rail station, or rental car operation, we have tips you can use.

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Qtrac iQ Intelligent Queuing and Analytics

Transform powerful analytics into actionable data. Get real-time and historical data that can truly improve the customer experience, optimize service delivery, and increase overall business performance. Qtrac iQ delivers actionable data that you can actually understand and use to drive costs down and revenue up.

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6 Queue Management Technologies Every Business Should Consider [Infographic]

A recent study found that half of all customers will avoid a business if they have to wait too long. Thus, the successful management of your queue can translate directly into the success of your business.

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Public Safety & Security

Architectural Curtain Walls and Gates

Architectural glass partition and curtain walls feature gates that provide secure access control. The modular system has many options such as magnetic-bases for quick and easy installation, frosted glass or plexi, and locking swing gates. Available in 3 standard heights.

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Safety and Security Solutions

From maintaining public safety to enhancing operational performance, you have a lot to juggle. In this quick guide, we focus on addressing each of these challenges effectively with a focus on our best safety and security solutions.

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