Queue Management and Teller Line Solutions for Banks
Teller Line Systems for the Financial Industry
Teller Line Systems for the Financial Industry

Gain Insight and Enhance the Customer Journey

How can financial institutions upgrade the customer experience? Lavi’s technology solutions enhance linear queuing, letting customers know when tellers become available. This reduces yelling across your space, maintaining decorum and creating a less stressful environment for employees. Through virtual queuing solutions, we collect data before service to match your representatives with customers based on needs and expertise—so that they get in and out quickly. The result? Reduced wait-times, improved service delivery, and a more enjoyable experience.

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Qtrac CF Call Forward Electronic Queuing System

Take your single line queue to the next level. Qtrac CF's wireless technology uses digital signage and station lights to streamline the way agents hail customers, optimizing service delivery, decreasing wait times, and improving the customer experience.

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Qtrac VR Virtual Queuing System

Virtual queuing leverages technology to manage service queues and optimize customer flow by virtually placing customers into a queue for service from almost any web-enabled device. See how Qtrac VR can help your facility increase service efficiency and improve the customer experience.

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4 Customer Flow Metrics You Should Have at Your Fingertips

So, you manage a queue. You know your customers walk into your queue and they walk out. You also know your customers don’t navigate the queue seamlessly without at least a little effort on your part. But how do you know if your effort is paying off?

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Virtual Queuing and Your Mobile Strategy

As you think through your mobile strategy, consider the entire customer journey. From before a customer enters your premises, to the time they spend on site, to after they’ve left, to when they return again, a mobile-enabled virtual queuing system can take the customer experience to new heights.

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Anatomy of a Stanchion [Infographic]

A quality retractable belt stanchion hides plenty of goodies within its depths, keeping waiting lines stable, secure, and effective. The fact that all of the benefits of a stanchion are not visible to the naked eye is a big part of its appeal. Explore this infographic to discover the anatomy of a stanchion.

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4 Clear Cut Ways to Keep Wait Times and Service Rates on Track

Customers will only wait so long. And service agents can only work so fast. So, what’s the formula for keeping wait times in check and service rates moving along at a productive rate? Find out by reading this article.

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How Queue Management Technology Improves Customer Service [Infographic]

Your queue is often the last horizon before a customer transitions from your business to whatever is next on their list. A good experience is a must to land your customer relationship on the loyal side. We explore queue management technologies that enhance the customer experience.

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How to Enhance the Financial Services Customer Journey

Studies have widely shown a negative correlation between wait times and customer satisfaction. When wait times are or perceive to be too long, satisfaction declines. It’s important to understand how customer satisfaction and loyalty might be impacted by the length and management of your queues.

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Why Digital Signage is a “Difference Maker” [Infographic]

Digital signage delivers targeted, effective information, with the highest recall rates among all advertising channels at 52%, according to Nielsen. Our infographic illustrates how digital signage works, why businesses are taking advantage of its benefits and how it ultimately improves queue management.

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