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Delight Your Customers and Increase Sales

Your customers may love shopping as much as they detest queues. By managing the wait, you not only make your store more efficient—you also create a positive customer experience and build tremendous brand loyalty. Lavi’s retail solutions reduce and even eliminate queues, delighting customers so they come back and promote your brand through word of mouth. We’ll also help you seize merchandising opportunities—to make wait-time pass quickly, encourage up to 400% more impulse buys, and generate more revenue.

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In-Store Experience

Interactive In-Store Experience

Take an interactive tour of an optimized in-store space. Discover and easily visualize how your store can perform better with a holistic approach to the customer journey while you explore the latest queue management technologies, people counting and analytics systems, crowd control and queuing solutions, store fixtures, and merchandising systems.

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Mastering the In-Store Experience

Discover insights into the sometimes-overlooked aspects of the in-store experience, information on how these aspects impact your success, and solutions to set you on a better path.

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Passenger Experience

The Campus Experience


Public Guidance Systems

Queue Management Technology


Retail Technology

Qtrac CF Call Forward Electronic Queuing

Take your single line queue to the next level. Qtrac CF's wireless technology uses digital signage and station lights to streamline the way agents hail customers, optimizing service delivery, decreasing wait times, and improving the customer experience.

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Qtrac VR Virtual Waiting Line

Are long lines impacting your customers’ experience and costing your business money? Free your customers to continue shop while they wait for service by leveraging technology to manage service queues, optimize staff efficiency, and increase cart size.

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How Queue Management Technology Improves Customer Service [Infographic]

Your queue is often the last horizon before a customer transitions from your business to whatever is next on their list. A good experience is a must to land your customer relationship on the loyal side. We explore queue management technologies that enhance the customer experience.

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The Checkout Queue

NeXtrac Queue Builder

Use our Queue Builder to design your own NeXtrac in-queue merchandising system. Build your own NeXtrac queue in 3 easy steps!

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10 Elements of an Awesome Waiting Line Experience [Infographic]

A waiting line is not just a place to stand. There are 10 crucial elements that should be working together in a queue to keep customers informed, happy, and moving forward.

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Continuing Education

In-Queue Merchandising

Impulse Buys at Checkout Time Increase More than Bottom Line

Did you know: 65% of retail sales are impulse purchases? The checkout queue represents a perfect opportunity to use merchandising to boost impulse sales. And more! Beyond sales, these in-queue, last-minute purchases enhance the customer experience and cultivate happier customers.

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6 Tips for Highly Effective In-Line Merchandising Displays

In-queue merchandising can help generate higher profits and greater customer satisfaction by turning wasted space into a virtual profit center. The questions is, how can you best plan and select the appropriate merchandising displays for your unique retail environment?

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Public Safety & Security

Use Cases

Patient Flow

Service Efficiency

4 Clear Cut Ways to Keep Wait Times and Service Rates on Track

Customers will only wait so long. And service agents can only work so fast. So, what’s the formula for keeping wait times in check and service rates moving along at a productive rate? Find out by reading this article.

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Putting Data to Work for a Better Queuing Experience

Customer data has grown to the point where it’s now a commodity. Many businesses find themselves inundated with data but struggling to find a way to make sense of it and, even more importantly, to act on it. In this article, we discuss ways to use this data to improve service efficiency and the customer experience.

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Customer Experience

Why Empowering Store Associates is the New Customer Experience

Customer experience is ALSO about the store associate experience. Why? Because when you empower store associates (or any service employee for that matter) to be more efficient, productive, and engaging with customers, you can immediately impact the customer experience.

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Shop by Appointment? Consumers Say, Maybe So!

Customers today seem to be busier and more time-sensitive than ever. We live by our calendars and that includes figuring out exactly when we can fit in that shopping time. This may translate into a new realm for retailers as customers are starting to explore shopping with precision - that means by appointment.

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Luxury Retailers Take Note: Consumers Want You to Know They’re Coming

The convergence of the digital and physical retail worlds means that "stand out" service is the name of the game. Here the virtual tools for scheduling and communicating can add value before a customer even steps foot in the store.

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Crowd Control & Queuing

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