Post and Panel Barriers Post and Panel Barriers

Portable Post and Panel Barriers help secure areas and manage customer flow.

Beltrac Post and Panel Barriers can be set-up in minutes, providing a quick yet effective barrier that keeps the public out of secure areas. Use as partition walls, public guidance barriers, or as part of a queue. The hinged connectors allow the panels to quickly slide into the grooves on our Belterac stanchions and permit the panels to be angled in any direction, providing a custom-fit barrier wall for almost any size area.

  • Beltrac Partition Posts

    Partition posts are the building blocks of post and panel walls and barriers, and come in a variety of heights for different applications.

  • Hinged-Frame Panels

    Small, hinged connectors allow sign panels to angle in both directions, offering flexibility and versatility in creating barriers.

  • Shuttletrac 9-Post Transporter

    Easily transport and deploy large numbers of stanchions with linkable transport carts. Carts quickly link together to form an easily pulled train.

  • Shuttletrac Panel Cart

    An easy way to store and rapidly deploy panels where and when you need them. Quickly link carts together to make large deployments easy.


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