Queuing Solutions and Queue Management Technology
Queuing Solutions for the Entertainment Industry
Queuing Solutions for the Entertainment Industry

Keep Your Guests Engaged—Even in the Queue

Want to be known for the experience you create—even or despite the crowds? Lavi’s solutions streamline queues and generate additional revenue for event venues, sports stadiums, museums, performance centers, theme parks, and more. We combine traditional queuing products with leading-edge technology, inspiring your customers to give you a great review and come back for more. Move people efficiently—and offer them merchandise to delight and buy. With our robust analytics, you can track and communicate wait-times to manage guest expectations, giving them the freedom to plan ahead.

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Queue Management Technology

Qtrac CF Call Forward Electronic Queuing

Take your single line queue to the next level. Qtrac CF's wireless technology uses digital signage and station lights to streamline the way agents hail customers, optimizing service delivery, decreasing wait times, and improving the customer experience.

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Qtrac VR Virtual Queuing System

Virtual queuing helps manage waiting lines and customer flow by virtually placing customers into a queue for service from almost any web-enabled device. See how Qtrac VR can help your facility increase service efficiency and improve the customer experience.

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Turn Your Stanchion into an Intelligent Queue Management System [Video]

Consider the three key components of most waiting lines: the customers, the waiting area, and the service area. Left unmanaged, these three components can collide to create a negative service experience. Now, what if you could know more about what’s happening with each of these components, in real-time?

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Public Safety & Security

Rapid Deployment is Key to Crowd Control and Safety

When it comes to crowd control and safety in places such as theme parks, sporting venues, airports, and other environments where people gather in large numbers, rapid deployment is essential. You need quick and easy ways to block, redirect, or establish the flow of guests.

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Queuing for the Entertainment Industry: 4 Ways to Keep Guests Engaged

We discuss 4 ways to keep your guests engaged even during the not-so-fun times of waiting in line or navigating through a crowded environment.

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How to Keep Crowds De-Stressed

Stadiums, arenas, airports, and even popular retail environments naturally attract crowds. And while a certain level of stress associated with these crowded experiences is normal, the negative feelings associated with crowded waiting lines, crowded hallways, crowded everything—can quickly take over.

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Operational Efficiency

Intelligent Maintenance: A Better Way to Manage Your Facility’s “Dirty Work”

Whether it’s dirty toilets, lack of toilet seat covers, or empty soap dispensers, a poorly kept public restroom can take its toll on customer satisfaction and your business reputation. Any business that caters to the public has to put time and energy into their restroom facilities. But how much time? And how much energy?

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What Should Your Queue Management Dashboard Look Like?

Queue management requires you to juggle many variables. Not only do you have to keep your customers happy while they wait, but you also have to optimize the queue in ways that benefit your business most. How do you do this when there are so many other tasks that demand your attention on any given day?

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Crowd Control & Queuing

The Ins & Outs of Stadium Crowd Control

Stadium events are naturally going to be crowded. And while these crowds are an expected and exciting part of the stadium experience, patrons do expect and appreciate a well-managed crowd control approach.

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Crowd Management or Crowd Control? What’s Your Mindset?

“Crowd control” is the prevailing term to define a major responsibility of facility management in stadiums and arenas. However, managing and assisting crowds—a practice known as crowd management—is a more proactive approach and often more effective.

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5 Highly Effective Crowd Control Techniques

When crowds are "controlled" everyone can enjoy themselves and a business or event can be more successful. That’s why, in any venue – stadium or arena, conference center or airport, mall or amusement park – crowd control techniques play a vital role.

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