Queue Management Systems for Universities and Colleges
Queue Management Systems for Universities and Colleges
Queue Management Systems for Universities and Colleges

Create Efficiency & Simplicity for Students

School spirit is beautiful. School crowds? Not so much. Lavi’s virtual queuing systems enable students to register for service and schedule appointments remotely, reducing physical traffic flow in key areas such as the Registrar's Office, Financial Aid, Counseling, and Health Center. Traditional queuing solutions, such as stanchions, signage, and in-queue merchandising, keep crowds manageable at sporting events and in the bookstore. Order reigns—and your operational efficiencies fall in line.

Let your students focus on their studies—not on fighting for a place in line. Reach out today.

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The Campus Experience

INFOGRAPHIC: Transforming the Campus Experience

We explore 8 ways to use queue management and customer flow strategies to transform the student experience across the university campus.

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GUIDE: Optimizing the University Campus Experience

Improve campus-wide queue management, safety, and crowd control with this guide that provides key insights, information, and solutions to create a more enjoyable, efficient, and safe campus experience.


How Mobile Changes the Virtual Queuing Game

With mobile-enabled virtual queue technology, students and staff can get (and stay) connected in multiple ways. In the Education Sector, virtual queue technology is increasing efficiencies while also empowering, impressing, and delighting all involved.

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Footfall Analytics Meets the Customer Experience

The data you can capture through footfall analytics is incredibly useful for future planning, but the real power is when this data can be put to use in real time to directly impact the customer experience. Today's footfall analytics systems can make this happen.

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Queue Management Technology

Virtual Queuing for Colleges & Universities

Waiting lines within busy college and university campuses create more than trying situations for students and staff alike. Registrar offices, health centers, and counseling offices can quickly become breeding grounds for disorderly waiting lines and concentrated crowds of students. Virtual queuing can change this experience.

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5 Signs You're Ready for Queue Management Technology

Queuing technology promises greater efficiency and productivity. But the big question for is, how do you know if you’re ready to implement one of the many technology solutions available? Check for these 5 signals that you’re not only ready, but in need of one.

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Why is Queue Management Technology in Demand?

In today’s increasingly competitive environment, it is imperative to find ways to better anticipate student needs, improve processes, and increase efficiency. We look at 4 key reasons why queue management technology fits the bill.

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Operational Efficiency

4 Clear Cut Ways to Keep Wait Times and Service Rates on Track

Students will only wait so long. And staff agents can only work so fast. So, what’s the formula for keeping wait times in check and service rates moving along at a productive rate? Find out by reading this article.

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Railing Kits

Product Focus


Crowd Control & Queuing

4 Tips to Avoid the (Queuing) Madness of March Madness

Don’t let madness reign at your sports venue during this March Madness season. Even at peak times when pathways and queues reach capacity and the energy of thousands of people intensifies, there are proven ways to keep traffic moving smoothly and your crowd relaxed and focused on the game.

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6 Tenets of Queuing [Infographic]

Pleasant experiences are actually more common than you might imagine and transpire when businesses understand both the operational and psychological aspects of queuing. Often, what matters most in a waiting line is how people feel about the experience rather than the waiting itself.

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3 Practices of Perfect Queue Management

Understanding the logic behind queue management is often the greatest key to success: It’s about what you need from an operational standpoint, but it’s equally about what students deserve from an “experience.” Here are three sides of the equation to consider:

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