Infographic: Transform the Student Experience on College Campuses

Infographic: Transform the Student Experience on College Campuses

Last updated: November 15, 2018Perry Kuklin

In the realm of higher education, the student experience often focuses on the level of student engagement and learning in the classroom. That is certainly the most important aspect of the experience. But, as colleges and universities compete for the very best students, an even more holistic picture of the student experience comes to light.

Is the campus safe? Easy to navigate? Efficient? Clean?

When it comes to providing a better experience for students across the campus environment, leaders must also realistically look at how to empower staff to be more efficient.

In our new infographic, we detail 8 ways to succeed. You’ll uncover ideas to:

  1. Optimize service efficiency and reduce wait times for students.
  2. Optimize facility maintenance and address problematic conditions before they impact student satisfaction.
  3. Manage the flow of students and visitors throughout campus queues.
  4. Enable instant access control to address safety or security situations as they arise.
  5. Optimize retail-oriented queues to maximize impulse sales.
  6. Quickly and easily deploy crowd control solutions to large outdoor areas.
  7. Direct and inform students to help facilitate the flow of foot traffic and avoid confusion.
  8. Block off or limit access to restricted areas.

Check out the infographic below. And for a more detailed view, download “Transform the On-Campus Experience: An Essential Guide to Improve Campus-Wide Queue Management, Safety, and Crowd Control


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