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You want to optimize customer flow and capitalize on ROI-boosting opportunities. We’re the partner that helps you achieve both.

For over 35 years, Lavi has provided comprehensive, agile ways to move and track people in, through, and out of your store or facility. As seasoned problem solvers, we understand your most critical issues and tailor solutions that fit your space and customers. Elegant railing products help establish the atmosphere you want. Queue management tools create operational efficiencies and enrich customer experience. Store fixtures and crowd control solutions make the customer journey seamless, and leverage attention to increase your bottom line. With a holistic approach, we design and implement all-in-one public guidance solutions.

Queue Management Technology

Measurable service and customer flow efficiencies.

Take the guesswork out of your queue management. Lavi’s powerful analytics tools let you track customer flow and operations, so you can identify issues and remedy them in real time. Unburden your guests with electronic queuing solutions, granting them the freedom to shop, rest, or run errands—the new “waiting in line.” Our digital signage unifies your queuing system and marketing to give customers a fulfilling experience every visit. With advanced queue management technology working in harmony, you can boost productivity and revenue in one fell swoop.

Crowd Control and Queuing

Exceptional queuing solutions for a seamless customer experience.

Plan a convenient, cohesive journey from start to finish. To facilitate customer flow and boost satisfaction, Lavi designs queues that make sense for your space—helping to manage crowds and guide them through high-traffic areas. We continue to innovate, building products that last, so you can focus on keeping people coordinated and content. From signage and retractable belt stanchions to traditional post and rope barriers, we create a variety of crowd control solutions that work for your business—and for the people you aim to delight.

NeXtrac Store Fixtures

In-queue selling solutions for a captive audience.

Transform your queue into a major revenue generator. Lavi’s store fixtures and displays help you sell to customers while they’re waiting in line—capitalizing on their intention to buy and drastically boosting impulse purchases. Our NeXtrac merchandising and signage systems are flexible and portable, so you can incorporate them into your existing queue, or use them as standalone displays to market specific products. By increasing engagement at the point of purchase, you can reduce perceived wait-times and increase ROI.

Lavi Industries Premium Railing Systems

High-tolerance, customizable railing products built to last.

Meet specifications and quality expectations, while giving designs an elegant touch. Lavi’s premium railing products help architects, contractors, and fabricators bring their visions to life—blending quality with precision to ease pre-build planning. With our flexible assortment of solid brass and stainless steel railing systems, you can create the atmosphere your client desires—while ensuring long-term durability for both commercial and residential use.


Industry Solutions

We wanted to improve our customer throughput in our Pro Shop so we called our longtime partner, Lavi Industries, for help. After installing Lavi’s Electronic Queuing System and their Merchandising System in our checkout line, we achieved an immediate improvement in customer flow while increasing impulse sales in the checkout line. The Lavi team made it a great experience by providing layout and design ideas, as well as managing a smooth implementation process.

Legends Hospitality Management - Cowboys Stadium

We have had Lavi stanchions in our building for 8 Years. They are bullet proof!

American Airlines Center

Over the years, Lavi Industries has been an invaluable partner of R & B Wagner, Inc. Your friendly and knowledgeable staff is always just a phone call or email away. Your products are used by our customers in architectural settings, and the finish on your tubing and fittings is crucial to our success.

R & B Wagner, Inc.

My experience in dealing with Lavi Industries has been stellar! Their product is high quality and their service to our company has been impeccable.

American Hotel Register Company

In today’s business, a retailers reputation is directly tied to the product and service it offers. For us, partnering with Lavi and its complete system solutions has assisted us in establishing ourselves as a leader in the Store Fixture Industry in Western Canada.

Westmount Store Fixtures

IMS has one focus and that is to save our customers time. It is our goal to make this happen every day and without the support and responsiveness of vendors like Lavi, we couldn’t make this happen. You have helped us meet our promised lead times with our customers consistently over the years.

Industrial Metal Supply

Southwest Airlines Operations Forecasting found that Qtrac significantly improved their ticket counter efficiency over their standard practice.

Southwest Airlines

Your products are well designed with very good build quality, especially when compared to other products on the market. Thank you for the terrific service you’ve provided that has contributed to an overall positive customer experience.

California Academy of Sciences

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