Velvet Rope and Swag Barriers Velvet Rope and Swag Barriers
  • Velvet Swag Rope with Snap Hooks

    Our luxurious velvet/velour rope features solid brass or stainless steel snap hooks and a dense cotton core that creates a perfect swag.

  • Vinyl Swag Rope with Snap Hooks

    Vinyl swag ropes feature a dense woven cotton core and a durable, smooth vinyl cover that mimics the look and feel of leather, but stands up to heavy use.

  • Braided Rayon 1½" Rope with Snap Hooks

    Stylish braided rope provides a classic elegant look with a modern twist. The dense cotton core ensures the perfect swag at any length.

  • Foamcore Swag Rope with Snap Hooks

    Lightweight, weather-resistant, foamcore swag ropes are a good alternative to classic cotton-core ropes for outdoor queues and barriers.

  • Twisted Poly Rope with Snap Hooks

    Twisted polyester creates an extremely durable, weather resistant swag barrier that is perfect for high-traffic areas or outdoor solutions.

  • Natural Hemp Barrier Rope with Snap Hooks

    Natural hemp provides an organic, eco-smart aesthetic to your post and rope barrier and withstands heavy use and high-traffic areas.

  • Heavy Chain Swag Barrier with Snap Hooks

    Our polished heavy chain barrier provides extreme durability and security for crowd control and access control both indoors and outdoors.


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