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Stanchions and Barriers: Post, Rope & Belt for Crowds and Queues

Retractable belt stanchions and crowd control barriers are an effective way to manage customer flow in the queue and around your facility. Our large selection of indoor and outdoor stanchions, retractable belt barriers, and storage and deployment solutions offer innovative, cost-effective ways to manage customer flow and maintain operational efficiency. Check out our solutions below.

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The queue is your last opportunity to make a good impression. Make sure it's a good one by checking out our helpful resources for planning and executing an effective waiting line. Explore best-practices, learn effective techniques, and discover how to optimize customer flow and transform the customer experience.

Make It A Single Line Queue [Video]

Your goal is to design a queue that will cut wait times and increase customer satisfaction. Often the choice is between a single line queue and a multiple line queue. Which is more efficient? This video breaks it down for you.


5 Questions to Narrow Down Your Stanchion Choices

The wide range of stanchions is good news for managers, but can also make it difficult to know what’s best for a particular crowd control or queuing situation. Where to begin? Answer these five questions to narrow down the best options.


The Role of Stanchions in Crowd Control

By definition, a stanchion is an upright bar, post, or support. In relation to crowd control, stanchions become essential tools for effectively preventing disorder while creating a pleasant environment for patrons.


The Ultimate Stanchion Buyer's Guide

This guide is intended to help you wade through the choices and find the optimal stanchion for your unique venue, needs, and goals.


Magnetic Bases for Stanchions

When it comes to crowd control stanchions customers often feel they must decide between floor-drilled stanchions or a completely portable option. Nothing in between. Now you can have the best of both worlds with our new magnetic stanchion base system.


The Role of Crowd Control Stanchions in Creating a Better Line

Waiting lines can be a source of tension between customers and businesses, and even result in lost revenue. That’s why the role of queue management deserves much attention.


We have had Lavi stanchions in our building for 8 Years. They are bullet proof!

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