Airport Security Queues: A TSA Case Study


Setting the Standard for Airport Queuing Systems: The Pre-Screening Airport Experience at the TSA Innovation Checkpoint

Harry Reid International Airport, one of the world's busiest transportation hubs, is home to America's only TSA Innovation Checkpoint, where the latest security technology and advancements are put to the test. It serves as a real-life passenger screening area that is used to evaluate, test, and showcase cutting-edge security processes, queuing systems, and equipment.

Lavi Industries' design and implementation of the pre-screening area at the TSA Innovation Checkpoint is a modern, flexible, and ultra-efficient queue solution that sets the standard for airport queue organization, efficiency, and passenger experiences worldwide. Come explore it with us and discover the future of queuing.

See how we did it.

From concept and design to installation, it all came together over 2 days in Terminal 3 at Harry Reid International Airport. Take a look at how Lavi's installation team created the state-of-the-art airport queuing system at the TSA Innovation Checkpoint.

Learn how Lavi's queue modernization helps TSA respond to heightened demand for lane access control, signage & wayfinding, and metrics capture.

Versatile Design

Top TSA brass gave Lavi a standing ovation for the organization and structural integrity of the new queues. It's never been so easy to set and modify paths.

Improved Traffic Flow

Retractable belts — the chosen barrier for adjusting to traffic demands — allow staff to quickly and easily extend queues, open up shortcuts, or close off lanes.

Orderly Pre-Fill Lanes

The implementation of pre-fill queues in front of each travel document checker further enhances efficiency, cutting wait times even more.

More Accurate Wait Times

Fixed-position magnetic stanchions create a consistent layout that helps airport personnel and sensor tracking systems accurately estimate wait times based on fill level.

Efficient Self-Sorting

With clear, unambiguous queue signage, passengers are able to quickly self-categorize at the queue entrances, rather than spend time in the wrong line or ask for staff assistance.

Happy Travelers

Airport representatives note calmer passenger flows and less aggressiveness in the queues. Passengers comment they like the "new, clean, organized" queue.

Discover our process.

Lavi's airport queue management experts discuss their 360-degree approach to project success.

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Shop Lavi Industries' modular queue solutions

  • Magnetic Base Stanchions

    For a non-inavasive floor installation, strong magnets embedded in the base allow for easy removal, while holding the stanchion firmly in place to form the queue.

  • Post & Panel Barriers

    Small, hinged connectors allow sign panels to angle in both directions, offering flexibility and versatility in creating barriers.

  • Barrier/Egress Gates

    Quickly add an access or emergency egress point to Post & Panel barrier walls. Strong magnets keep gates firmly closed and release when pressure is applied.

  • Directrac® Sign Stand

    The Directrac Sign Stand features two-sided viewing, making it an ideal advertising and messaging display for high-traffic areas.

  • Edge Tower Sign Stand

    Deliver impactful visual comunication in any environment. The Edge Tower's module design and sleek build enrich your brand, showcase your messaging, and improve the customer journey.

  • Overhead Signs

    Lavi Overhead Signs provide clear, unambiguous directions for highly- efficient passenger flow. The signs integrate directly into the queue and don’t require additional floor space.


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