Cable Railing System - Ready-to-Install Prefabricated Posts
C.A.T. Cable Railing System
C.A.T. Cable Railing System

C.A.T. cable railing posts work as both anchor and receiver posts, and feature built-in cable tensioning.

  • With built-in cable receiving and anchoring in every post, you’ll always have the exact type of end post you need.
  • C.A.T. Cable Railing Posts accept bulk-roll, continuous cable — no need to plan out and buy specific cable lengths and coupled fittings. Just roll out what you need at the jobsite and cut as needed.
  • C.A.T. Cable Railing Posts are prefabricated and ready to install right out of the box. No welding or post assembly required.
  • Built-in cable tensioning fittings hold the cable in place, preventing rotation. This enables single-handed tensioning from any end post using a simple socket or box wrench.


Installation is as easy as 1- 2 - 3.

Mount the prefabricated cable railing post.

Pull cable through the tensioning fittings.

Tension the cable from either end.

Your installation is finished! Just cut the excess cable and cap the ends.

Anatomy of the C.A.T. Cable Railing System

Simply feed cable through the built-in cable guides. Our patent-pending design ensures that the cable travels in a one-way direction and won’t pull out. Then simply tension the cable from either end using a socket or box wrench. The built-in cable fitting prevents cable rotation and permits single-handed tensioning.

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