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In-Queue Merchandising Fixtures

In-Queue Merchandising Fixtures

Capitalize on your customer's attention to trigger impulse buys with NeXtrac store fixtures.

A customer in your checkout queue is a captive audience: you have their time, their attention, and (soon), their wallet. There’s no better time to offer a series of impulse purchases—and capitalize on their intentions. In-queue selling increases impulse buying up to 400%—and at Lavi, we provide the hardware. Our NeXtrac store fixtures are flexible, lightweight, and long-lasting. You can easily integrate them into any existing queue, or move them onto your retail floor for versatile standalone merchandising. By keeping waiting customers busy, you reduce perceived wait-times, too.

Modular and portable, Lavi’s store fixtures empower you to elevate the customer experience, increase engagement, and generate impressive ROI. Learn more about how NeXtrac merchandising and signage systems can transform your queue into a cash cow today.

NeXtrac Delivers

NeXtrac’s versatility will take your front-end merchandising plan from concept to reality faster than you think. Using your existing Beltrac stanchions, just add base merchandising displays, then choose from our extensive selection of merchandising accessories to create the perfect in-queue merchandising solution. You’ll see an immediate increase in revenue — up to 400%. Merchandising plan change? Queue layout change? No problem! NeXtrac’s modularity allows you to quickly move, swap, or angle panels to fit your changing needs.

In today’s business, a retailers reputation is directly tied to the product and service it offers. For us, partnering with Lavi and its complete system solutions has assisted us in establishing ourselves as a leader in the Store Fixture Industry in Western Canada.

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Make a great last impression.

The checkout is the last opportunity to leave your customers with a good impression. Make it great with the help of the resources listed below.

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