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10 Elements of an Awesome Waiting Line Experience [Infographic]

September 04, 2013Perry Kuklin

A waiting line is not just a place to stand. There are 10 crucial elements that should be working together in a queue to keep customers informed, happy, and moving forward. The visual accompaniment to the essential elements of a waiting line outlined in our latest infographic will help you visualize the complexity and importance of every queue. One of the biggest takeaways is the advantage of adopting a single-line queuing configuration – this method of queue organization is proven to reduce the average time spent in the waiting/service process. In conjunction with the single-line queue, businesses that have great success with their waiting lines also use signage to great effect – strategically placing it to offer a clear cue to queue, convey promotional messages, or highlight in-line merchandising or branding. Ultimately, the goal is to maintain and boost customer satisfaction, and a queue needs to be well-constructed both literally and figuratively to accomplish this goal. Simply providing customers with enough room to stand with their belongings, maneuver through the passageway created, or even bypass the queue as a whole during downtime with retractable belts are recipes for customer happiness. Our latest infographic shares 10 elements that will make your queue awesome, efficient, and a pleasure to wait in. 10 Awesome Elements of a Waiting Line

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