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Crowd Control & Queuing
Crowd Control | Queuing | Public Guidance

Crowd Control and Queue Management: Stanchions, Barriers and Signage.

At Lavi Industries, we make solutions for people. With the customer experience in mind, we are constantly advancing the science and design of our products—so you can manage crowds and delight customers who are waiting in line. Ongoing innovation increases the lifespan of our products, including indoor and outdoor stanchions, crowd control barriers, and signage. Placing an emphasis on safety and security, we create queuing solutions that guide customers through high-traffic areas—in a way that makes sense for your business and their journey.

Lavi maps out the best queue for your space, planning for a seamless customer experience—from entrance to exit. Find out how to improve customer flow and satisfaction below.

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My experience in dealing with Lavi Industries has been stellar! Their product is high quality and their service to our company has been impeccable.

American Hotel Register Company

Your products are well designed with very good build quality, especially when compared to other products on the market. Thank you for the terrific service you’ve provided that has contributed to an overall positive customer experience.

California Academy of Sciences

Lavi Industries offers an exceptional product to their customers, which made them an easy choice for our public guidance materials.

Alaska Airlines


Discover the science behind queuing, explore ways to enhance the customer experience, or learn about new technologies to help optimize customer flow and manage your queues. Our extensive library of resources will help you uncover new ways to transform your business.

Make It A Single Line Queue [Video]

Your goal is to design a queue that will cut wait times and increase customer satisfaction. Often the choice is between a single line queue and a multiple line queue. Which is more efficient? This video breaks it down for you.


The Art & Science of Queuing

In planning a queue, managers need to put right brain and left brain to use, meshing art and science to create an efficient and enjoyable process for all. This guide will help you think through the psychology of queuing and highlights trends that can help you extract more value from your line.


Effective Queue Design, as Told by Your Customers

When it comes to queuing, customers have expectations as to what the experience should look like. How can you design a queue that meets these expectations? Here’s what the literature says.


Is Your Queuing Strategy Helping Your Bottom Line?

Happy customers are returning customers. Here are three ways to use your queue management strategy to improve the customer experience and simultaneously improve the bottom line.


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