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Qtrac Queue Management Systems
Qtrac Queue Management Systems

Queue Management Systems for Crowd Control & Waiting Lines

Fast Wait Times

A 10% - 30% decrease in actual wait times.


Up to 40% decrease in perceived wait times.

Man Running Fast

A 35% increase in service efficiency.

Increased Sales Chart

A 40% increase in sales at checkout.

Lavi's queue management systems bolster brand awareness, customer satisfaction, and your bottom line.

Want to cut costs and increase revenue? Lavi’s queue management systems arm you with the proper insight and technology to create measurable efficiencies in service and customer flow. Qtrac virtual queuing frees up customers to shop, browse, and relax—instead of waiting. It's easy-to-implement, cloud-based software tools take the guesswork out of your queue management, monitoring customer waits, service, and operational efficiency with real-time alerts. Lavi's electronic queuing system transforms the customer journey into an ROI juggernaut, creating a powerful synergy between your queuing system and promotional messaging.

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Southwest Airlines Operations Forecasting found that Qtrac significantly improved their ticket counter efficiency over their standard practice.

Southwest Airlines

We wanted to improve our customer throughput in our Pro Shop so we called our longtime partner, Lavi Industries, for help. After installing Lavi’s Electronic Queuing System and their Merchandising System in our checkout line, we achieved an immediate improvement in customer flow while increasing impulse sales in the checkout line. The Lavi team made it a great experience by providing layout and design ideas, as well as managing a smooth implementation process.

Legends Hospitality Management - Cowboys Stadium

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Discover the science behind queuing, explore ways to enhance the customer experience, or learn about new technologies to help optimize customer flow and manage your queues. Our extensive library of resources will help you uncover new ways to transform your business.

Qtrac iQ Intelligent Queue Management Video

Learn how Qtrac iQ can turn your Beltrac stanchion into a virtual turnstile, allowing you to maximize efficiency, increase customer satisfaction, and improve the productivity of your queues.


The Queuing Technology Solutions Buyers Guide

This 25-page buyer’s guide will give you the inside scoop on some of today’s most powerful and useful queue management technology. And it will help you select the right technology for your specific business needs.


Putting Data to Work for a Better Queuing Experience

In real ways, Qtrac can optimize service delivery, increase efficiency, and ultimately improve the customer experience by using big data and analytics to automatically affect real-time changes in an environment where queuing is involved.


QtracVR Text to Register

Customers can enter a service queue from virtually anywhere! Using a quick text message, customers instantly put themselves into a virtual line, then keep track of their progress using their personalized queue page.


Virtual Queuing: When an Empty Waiting Line is a Good Thing

Having customers waiting in line is instinctively a good sign for business. But Black Friday door buster deals and the latest iPhone releases aside, it’s pretty clear that most people like to avoid waiting in line—especially when the line is long. Long waiting lines tend to equate to wasted time and feelings of frust


Don't Hate the Wait Guide

Discover why many businesses today are trading in the “stand-in-line” model for a virtual queuing approach and offering customers an entirely different, more convenient, more enjoyable and productive way to wait.


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