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TV Monitor Kits w/Sound

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The TV Monitor Kit w/Sound is an integral part of your Lavi Electronic Queuing System, intended to redefine the customer experience. This LCD TV monitor with robust sound capabilities is designed to offer not just directions to open service positions through crisp, high-definition visual graphics, but also to capture attention with clear, booming audio guiding customers efficiently to the next available service point.

Amplify your messaging with a dual-purpose tool that not only reduces wait times by improving the flow to service points, but also capitalizes on customer wait times by displaying promotional content, keeping your audience engaged and informed.

Seamless integration with a Lavi Electronic Queuing system, alongside the adaptability to your business's aesthetic and operational needs, ensures this monitor is not just an add-on but an integral part of your service delivery. With the TV Monitor Kit w/Sound, you're not just installing a display; you're elevating the entire customer journey from arrival to service.

1 TV Size
TV Monitor Kits w/Sound

Ships in: 3 Business Days

Finish Setup Fee:

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Capitalize on wait times by showing promotional content

Showcase promotions directly to customers at the peak of their attention—while waiting in line. This strategic placement means that content not only captures interest but can also influence purchasing decisions in real-time.

Synchronizing promotions with nearby merchandised products can significantly enhance impulse buying. It’s a strategic approach that not only boosts sales but keeps customers satisfied by making the most out of every minute they spend in your space.


  • Guide to Effective Electronic Queuing

    Discover how to effectively use your electronic queuing system and how to manage customer and employee adoption.

  • Troubleshooting Guide

    Get the most out of your new electronic queueing system with this step-by-step operating and troubleshooting guide.

  • Media Specifications

    Changing or updating media is easy. By following these step-by-step guidelines, your electronic queuing system can be updated in a few minutes.



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