Rigid Rail Barriers Rigid Rail Barriers
  • Straight Rigid Rail Queue Barriers

    Rigid Rails provide a modern, structural barrier for queues and crowd control, but also offer advertising and messaging opportunities.

  • Curved Rigid Rail Queue Barrier

    A graceful 45° curve adds a modern twist to turns and switchbacks in queues and crowd control barriers.


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Customer flow describes the way in which customers flow into and out of your store, facility, or venue. When customers flow smoothly, there's a clear path from beginning to end and stress is minimized, which makes for fewer disgruntled individuals.


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“Crowd control” is the prevailing term to define a major responsibility of facility management in stadiums and arenas. However, managing and assisting crowds—a practice known as crowd management—is a more proactive approach and often more effective than trying to control a crowd after things go wrong.


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