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6 Tenets of Queuing [Infographic]

May 22, 2013Perry Kuklin

Pleasant experiences are actually more common than you might imagine and transpire when businesses understand both the operational and psychological aspects of queuing (think left brain, right brain).  The operational aspects include factors such as how the queue is arranged, how it is staffed, and how well customers can “flow” through. The psychological aspects are less clear-cut but equally, if not more important, to determining how customers perceive the total service experience. In our latest infographic, 6 Tenets of Queuing: Understanding the Psychology of Waiting Lines, it is revealed that often, what matters most in a waiting line is how people feel about the experience rather than the waiting itself. The tenets highlighted in this infographic are inspired by the work of David Maister and provide valuable insight into the psychology of waiting and what can be done to improve this critical area of service. (click image to view full size) psychology of queuing

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