Rapid Deployment is Key to Crowd Control and Safety

Rapid Deployment is Key to Crowd Control and Safety

Last updated: July 20, 2012Perry Kuklin

When it comes to crowd control and safety in places such as theme parks, sporting venues, airports, and other environments where people gather in large numbers, rapid deployment is essential. You need quick and easy ways to block, redirect, or establish the flow of “people traffic” in case of an emergency, spill, or sudden influx of people. Rapid deployment solutions that feature right-size retractable belts, stanchions, and easy-to-transport, easy-to-store products can help your staff establish or maintain control and safety in swift fashion.

Rapid Deployment Crowd Control and Safety Solutions:

Here are several popular rapid deployment solutions that enhance crowd control and safety:

wall mounter retractable belts

Wall-Mounted Retractable Belts

Aisles, hallways, corridors, and doorways can turn to closures and barriers at a moment’s notice with wall-mounted retractable belts. Using a wall receptacle, retractable belts slide right into place to quickly close off areas for safety or crowd control purposes – and best of all, they’re always there when you need them. For warehouse-type settings look for back plates that attach to shelving or uprights to easily close down aisles.  

transport carts for stanchions

Transport Carts for Crowd Control Stanchions

Portable stanchions are a foundational element of crowd control. Easy to configure and re-configure, stanchions allow for a highly responsive and flexible approach to crowd control. Transport carts, specifically designed for portable stanchions, further enhance their value by offering convenient storage and rapid deployment capabilities in an easy-to-move, quick-to-assemble solution. Tip: To easily transport a large number of public guidance posts, check out our innovative ShuttleTrac® linkable transport carts.

access control swing gate

Access control swing gate

Crowds may give themselves permission to ignore some barriers, but portable swinging gates are a universal red flag that visually alert and block crowds from restricted or potentially unsafe areas. Opt for spring-loaded gates that easily attach to posts to create an instant access in just a few minutes.   

extra long safety barriers

Extra Long Safety Barriers

Extra-large areas require more significant solutions, still with the same rapid set-up and tear-down capabilities. Long retractable belt safety barriers allow you to safely close off or redirect traffic in large areas, and with the right product a single person can cordon off a huge area in just minutes. Look for portable, long-belt stanchions with up to 65 feet of coverage or dual belt barricades that cover up to 130 linear feet (like our JetTrac Dual).

At Lavi Industries, we offer a wide range of rapid deployment solutions for effective crowd control and public guidance.  Let us help you plan the right approach with cost-effective, solid products designed and built in our world-class manufacturing facilities.


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