Putting Data to Work for a Better Queuing Experience

Putting Data to Work for a Better Queuing Experience

Last updated: February 09, 2017Perry Kuklin

Across industries, customer data has grown to the point where it’s now a commodity. Many businesses find themselves inundated with data but struggling to find a way to make sense of it and, even more importantly, to act on it.

“The truth is, having a lot of data doesn’t mean a thing. The key to really great analytics is insight. And that’s where a lot of organizations miss the mark.” – Mark DeMeo, AAJ Consulting

For it’s one thing to capture data, but that data becomes an entirely different tool when you can efficiently put it to use. The way forward is through solutions that translate data into real time actions you can take.

Let’s see how this applies to your queue management:

You likely have access to various vendors offering to collect data through cameras, sensors, WiFi technology, etc. You can track customers as they travel in, through, and out of your place of business. Data collected: check.

This data can be valuable in terms of spotting historical trends and potentially predicting future staffing needs, so long as circumstances trend and track similarly. But what if you could put that data straight to work automatically and in real time in ways that can impact your business and your customer experience in the here and now? Improved customer experience: check.

As we demonstrated recently at the retail industry’s Big Show, Lavi Industries’ Qtrac iQ footfall analytics system does just this.

In real ways, Qtrac can optimize service delivery, increase efficiency, and ultimately improve the customer experience by using big data and analytics to automatically affect real-time changes in an environment where queuing is involved.

Here’s how businesses like yours can use Qtrac iQ to turn data into action:

1.   Optimize staffing to meet customer demand.

Qtrac automatically translates real time data into alerts, so managers can immediately respond by adding or moving staff exactly where and how they are needed most. When an influx of customers comes through the door, or into a designated service area or queue, staffing can automatically respond to meet the current needs.

Your staff creates excellent customer experiences by showing immediate responsiveness and personalized care. This level of service, supported by real-time technology, cultivates happy customers, likely return customers, and ultimately a healthy bottom line.

2.   Monitor safety and compliance, and manage unstructured areas.

It is a high priority for all businesses to keep customers and staff safe and to ensure the business is within compliance regulations. Qtrac provides a dashboard and alert system to track key data and inform management anytime capacity thresholds become an issue. Being able to monitor patterns along with how they directly correlate with your relevant regulations and requirements allows you to focus on managing your business until your attention is truly required. Your efficiency and your compliance can be maximized at the same time, offering an additional benefit of peace of mind for everyone.

3.   Increase efficiency and improve service rates.

Taking automation one step further, Qtrac’s call-forward system integrates with the iQ system to automate the hailing process, either with human agents or in a self-service/kiosk environment. The resulting data and automation can be used to ramp up efficiency and improve wait times and service rates, ultimately creating a positive customer experience. The Qtrac iQ system is making the decisions in real-time to call customers, to open/close service points based on demand, and to keep managers informed of the metrics that impact queue operations. Talk about putting data to work!

Data may be everywhere and easy to come by in today’s business world. But actually using it to create a better customer experience is what’s most important – and now quite possible. Learn more about how Lavi Qtrac systems can help you improve your customer queue experience and put your data to work.


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