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Create Safer Queues with Queue Guard®

Safeguard people in adjacent queue rows with integrated germ barriers. Create safer queues now, then repurpose panels later. Provides an effective physical shield from customers in adjacent rows of a queue.

Qtrac Virtual Queuing Appointment Scheduling

Easily manage customer waiting lines and deliver remarkable customer experiences with Qtrac Virtual Queuing and Appointment Scheduler.

Qtrac CF Checkout Queue Management [Video]

By integrating Lavi Industries' Qtrac CF electronic queue management system into their checkout queue, Smart & Final creates a safer, more efficient checkout process for their customers and associates. Watch the video.

Queue Guard® Paneles Protectores

Diseñe filas seguras con paneles protectores anti gérmenes Queue Guard. Reúse los paneles acercándolos al suelo, removiendo los tacones de cada riel. Vea la ficha técnica del Queue Guard.

Floripa Airport Stanchion Installation

Tour our latest queuing stanchion installation at Floripa airport in Brazil. Beltrac stanchions create an organized and efficient ticketing experience for passengers.

Breakaway Belt End for Retractable Belt Stanchions

Lavi Industries' emergency breakaway stanchion belt end prevents passengers from getting trapped in large queues. The belt end easily breaks-away from the stanchion to allow a quick and safe egress in any type of emergency. Exclusive magnetic-base stanchions stay firmly in place, preventing additional hazards.