QuickMount™ Retractable Belt Safety Barrier

QuickMount™ Retractable Belt Safety Barrier

50-3016M/WB/18/BK |

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Eighteen-foot-long retractable belt barrier. S-Hook belt end. Ideal for temporarily closing or blocking access to warehouse aisles, corridors, and large door openings. Choose from standard or adjustable mounting.

QuickMount Options

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3 Back Plate


Manufactured, designed, and developed in the USA

The Quickmount™ Retractable Belt Safety Barrier gives you all the benefits of a stanchion-and-belt system without taking up valuable floor real estate. It instantly attaches to warehouse uprights via special clips on its back plate, making installation quick and easy. Simply pull the unit up and away to disengage and move it to a new location. The self-attaching "S" hook belt end wraps around and secures to any opposing column or upright, closing off the desired area.


QuickMount Options

Standard Mounting Option: Adjustable Mounting Option:
Has stationary clips for use with uprights with holes measuring standard 1.5 inches apart. Has moveable clips for use with uprights with holes measuring anywhere from 1 inch to 3.5 inches apart.