13-Foot Wall-Mounted Retractable Belt Barrier


Setup Fee: none

Manufacturing Lead Time: 3 Business Days


Thirteen-foot-long retractable belt barrier. Standard belt end. Includes Wall Receptacle (3011). Ideal for temporarily closing or blocking access to aisles, doorways and thresholds. 

1 Finish
2 Belt Color


Manufactured, designed, and developed in the USA

Wall-mounted Retractable Belt Barriers give you the benefits of a stanchion-and-belt system without taking up valuable floor real estate. Wall-mounted Retractable Belt Barriers are attached to the wall with efficient, small dimension grip connectors. Simply twist a screw on the grip connector plate to release the Wall Mount and move to another location. Ideal for cash register or aisle closures, blocking off corridors, and closing off entrances or passageways for cleaning or safety. The retractable belt can be inserted into a receptacle mounted on an opposing wall or directly to a portable stanchion. Includes a Wall Receptacle (3011) and all hardware. 

Slow Retract Belt - Wall Mounted Safety Barrier Advanced Retractable Belt Mechanism
  • Our unique, viscous damping belt-braking system ensures a slow and safe retraction every time.
  • Belt mechanism is easily replaced in the field using a screwdriver.
  • Belt end connects to all major manufacturers' stanchions, as well as our Wall Receptacle (included).

Beltrac design USPTO® No. 2,472,720.


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