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Valencia California, January 28, 2020 – When the Los Angeles Fire Department and Police Department identified a need to improve the safety of LAX Airport, with a major focus on passenger queues, they turned to Lavi Industries, an industry leader in public guidance, crowd control systems, and queue management.

Working with Los Angeles World Airports (LAWA), the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), and several major airlines, Lavi Industries developed a new queue to create a better passenger flow and increased safety in the event of emergency egress. Over 200 magnetic-based stanchions were installed to create a streamlined queue at the TSA security checkpoint in Terminal 7. Lavi’s Beltrac® magnetic-based stanchion features a small, 5.5-inch diameter footprint, offering extreme stability while expanding the usable floorspace for the queue. In the event of an emergency egress, the sturdy and stable base prevents the stanchions from moving or falling.

However, the safety considerations for passengers didn’t stop there. In order to create a safer queuing environment, Lavi Industries engineered a specially designed Break-Away-Belt that easily separates from the stanchion to allow a quick and safe egress in any type of emergency. With a breakaway force of 12 lbs or greater, the belt-end simply detaches from the stanchion and slowly retracts back into the post, allowing passengers to freely exit the queue unencumbered by the stanchion belts. A special logo printed on the retractable belts help passengers identify the belts as a break-away emergency exit. To round out the safety precautions of the queuing area, innovative magnetic emergency egress gates were installed for safe evacuation in or out of the screening area.

Lavi’s safety solution has been installed in Terminal 7 and portions of Terminal 2, and is currently in planning for full deployment at the airport, receiving positive feedback from LAWA officials, the Fire Department, the Police Department, the airlines, and passengers.

About Lavi Industries

Based in Valencia, California, Lavi Industries is the premier provider of public guidance and crowd control solutions in North America. Leveraging its portfolio of world-class brands – Beltrac® stanchions, Directrac® signage systems, Qtrac® electronic queuing systems, and NeXtrac® in-queue merchandising systems – Lavi has helped the world’s leading companies effectively guide people in, through, and out of their facilities. More information is available at


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