• Beltrac® 3000 Retractable Belt Stanchion

    Patented 4-way grooved design in anodized or painted aluminum. Sits 40" high with an embedded 7-foot or 13-foot slow-retract belt. Two heavy, cast-iron base options use protective cover plates.

  • Contempo Retractable Belt Stanchion

    Continuous polished or satin stainless steel, or painted steel post. Sits 40" high with an embedded 7-foot-long, slow-retract belt. Three heavy, cast-iron base options use protective cover plates.

  • Basic Crowd Control Stanchion

    Our value post. Continuous steel post in wrinkle black or chrome finish only. Sits 38.5" high with embedded 7-foot-long, slow-retract belt. Heavy-duty, 12.5 inch diameter, painted cast-iron base.

  • Tempest Plastic Outdoor Stanchion

    Constructed of durable, weatherproof plastic, this post comes in 4 high-visibility colors. Sits 38" high with embedded 12-foot-long retractable belt. Recycled rubber or fillable plastic base.

  • Beltrac Merchandising Posts

    Beltrac Merchandising Posts have an extra rigid base connection to handle the stress of heavy loads when using NeXtrac Merchandising Panels.

  • Beltrac Partition Posts

    Partition posts are the building blocks of post and panel walls and barriers, and come in a variety of heights for different applications.

  • Contempo Exhibit Posts

    Our 24-inch-tall exhibit stanchions provide a subtle yet effective barrier while offering visitors an unobstructed view of exhibits and displays.

  • ADA Compliant Double-Belted Stanchion

    The lower belt of the Beltrac double-belted retractable belt stanchion allows the creation of ADA compliant queues and barriers.

  • Beltrac Double-Belted Stanchion - No Base

    Our double-belted stanchion without a base allows you to create ADA compatible queues using a variety of post mounting solutions.

  • Beltrac Retractable Belt Stanchion - No Base

    The Beltrac stanchion without a base allows you to add a mounting solution such as a magnetic base or removable floor socket.

  • Contempo Crowd Control Stanchion - No Base

    The Contempo crowd control stanchion without a base allows you to add a mounting solution such as a magnetic base or floor socket.


What makes Beltrac better?

Beltrac retractable belt stanchions offer superior strength and rigidity to withstand the most extreme environments, and provide best-in-class stability and longevity. With standard features that cost extra on other posts, Beltrac stanchions are what the world's largest companies rely on for their waiting lines, crowd control, and queuing systems.


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