Step by Step Guide to Planning Your NeXtrac In-Line Merchandising System [INFOGRAPHIC]

Step by Step Guide to Planning Your NeXtrac In-Line Merchandising System [INFOGRAPHIC]

Last updated: March 26, 2014Perry Kuklin

Most all retail environments require some form of a queue when it comes to customer service and check-out processes. These waiting lines do not have to be “wasted space.” Instead, they can be utilized to increase impulse sales, gain higher customer satisfaction ratings, and generate better customer flow through a well-planned yet flexible merchandising system that turns your waiting lines into prime selling space. Recent visitors to Globalshop 2014 in Las Vegas saw first-hand how Lavi Industries’ NeXtrac®, in-line merchandising system is designed to be flexible, easy to configure, easily maintained, durable, and cost effective. And the modularity of the NeXtrac system was top-of-mind as retailers viewed the different colors, finishes, and configurations that were on hand. If you missed the NeXtrac systems and demonstrations on display at Globalshop 2014 you’re not too late. Just follow our three-step process to learn about the components of a NeXtrac system and how to implement them to better serve your customers and improve the overall waiting experience while contributing positively to your bottom line. NeXtrac Infographic

Step One: Determine your queue formation

Create a queue formation utilizing Beltrac Merchandising Posts or Stanchions. Keep in mind the available space as well as your typical customer flow. NeXtrac is modular and very flexible so you’re never stuck with a single configuration. Posts are easily added or panels opened up to match the ebb and flow of your line. Unsure of what’s right for your business? Lavi queuing experts are always standing by to answer your questions and to assist in developing your queue. Just give us a call!

Step Two: Form your queue with NeXtrac base panels

NeXtrac base panels include various forms of grid walls, slat walls, rigid rail barriers, retractable belts, hinged frame sign panels, slim frame signage, double-sided quick clip frames, and in-line tables. Your queue configuration will come to life as you utilize these base items in conjunction with the merchandising posts and Beltrac stanchions from step one. All NeXtrac display panels are easily connected to the merchandising posts and Beltrac stanchions with easily adjustable hinge and grip connector hardware.

Step Three: Add accessories that create your merchandising space

Give your queue dimension and provide space for retailing by utilizing various accessories designed to clearly display your desired products. With a wide variety of accessories to choose from, you can accomplish just about any merchandising goal.

  • Clear merchandising bowls and wire fruit bowls – easily display last minute forgotten items or produce your customers didn’t even realize they needed and/or wanted. There are post-top versions as well as swing-arm versions that easily attach to posts at almost any angle.
  • Hooks, baskets and shelves – create highly functional and attractive merchandising displays. These items are available for grid wall and slat wall panels. Our newest accessory, the Corner Shelf, creates usable merchandising space on the inside corner of perpendicular slat wall panels.
  • In-line tables – these sturdy and elegant tables create productive time out of waiting time. They can be used for customers to complete necessary paperwork before reaching the point of service, increasing customer flow.
  • Post-top signage and double-sided banners – help direct customer flow, enhance queuing spaces and increase brand exposure. These signs and banners are designed in numerous sizes and configurations to give you the ability for maximum impact and attention-grabbing support.

Once implemented correctly, your NeXtrac® In-Line Merchandising System will deliver proven results including increased impulse sales, a greater profit per square foot, higher customer satisfaction ratings, lower perceived wait times for patrons and a more efficient customer flow. Explore the full line of NeXtrac In-Line Merchandising solutions and let us help you plan your approach.


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