Crown Portable Queuing Stanchion and Barrier

Poste Portátil Crown

40-2060 |

Gastos de preparación: none |

Se envia en: 3 Business Days

1 Acabado
Poste Portátil Crown

Se envia en: 3 Business Days

Gastos de preparación: none


Classically styled to elegantly guide the public

  • Large variety of post finishes and base styles.
  • Rich velour and vinyl swag ropes create a pleasantly drapped visible barrier.
  • Hand polished brass and stainless steel posts ensure a bright, mirror finish.
  • A variety of classic and modern base styles enhance any environment.

Superior construction
for durability

  • Removable finial allows post to accept sign frames.
  • Universal ring accepts velvet swag ropes from any direction.
  • Steel inner sleve provides superior strength along the full post length.
  • Cover plate helps prevent dents and scratches on the base.