The Basic Stanchion - Crowd Control & Queuing

Poste de control de multitudes Básico

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Experience superior quality, affordability, and functionality in one remarkable package.

The Basic crowd control stanchion is a cost-effective addition to Lavi Industries’ renowned Beltrac® line of retractable belt barriers. Crafted from black powder-coated steel, this stanchion boasts a .065-inch wall thickness, double that of most other brands, ensuring unparalleled durability and longevity. With its 4-way belt connection, a slow-retract belt in your choice of 12 colors, and rubberized non-marking feet, it offers premium features at a budget-friendly price.

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Poste de control de multitudes Básico

Se envia en: 3 Business Days

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The most premium features at a budget-friendly price:

  • Beltrac stanchion

    Built for longevity

    Unmatched strength and durability with a .065-inch thick-walled post, double that of most other brands.

  • Heavy stanchion base provides extreme stability

    Stability you can count on

    Exceptional stability from the heavy-duty base, preventing tipping—a common issue with other brands.

  • Cast-iron stanchion base won't crumble

    No-chip cast-iron base

    Solid cast-iron base won’t chip, crack, or crumble like concrete alternatives, eliminating the problem of "concrete dust."

  • Non-marking stanchion feet provide airflow and protect floors

    Protects floors better

    Non-marking, rubberized feet protect floor and are spaced to allow air flow, preventing mold and mildew build-up.

  • Small diameter base = Small footprint

    Uses less space

    A smaller diameter base—12.5 inches—minimizes the footprint of queues and barriers.

  • Long retractable belt

    Works with most brands

    A long, 10-foot retractable belt with universal belt end works with all major stanchion brands.

  • 4-way stanchion connection

    Four-way connection

    A four-way belt connection offers flexibility when setting up queues and barriers.

  • Slow retracting stanchion belt

    A safe, slow retracting belt

    A slow-retract belt that falls to the floor before gradually retracting, ensuring the safety of those nearby.

Manufactured, designed, and developed in the USA

To keep freight costs low, the stanchion is shipped in two pieces—the stanchion post and base. Assembly is quick and easy, requiring a simple twist of the included allen key. Once assembled, the stanchion post becomes permanently affixed to the base and should not be disassembled.

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Belt Material:
Belt Diameter:
Post Material:
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10 feet
2 inches
Cast Iron
12.5 inches
Powder-Coated Steel
Wrinkle Black
2.75 inches
38.5 inches
28 lbs.