How to Make “Checking Out” a Great Time to “Check It Out”

How to Make “Checking Out” a Great Time to “Check It Out”

Last updated: July 21, 2016Perry Kuklin

We’ve written a lot on this blog about the role of in-queue merchandising and how it can turn the dreaded waiting line into a more enjoyable and profitable one. This win-win is possible when you give customers something to check out while they’re checking out!

Customers can come to anticipate and enjoy waiting in line as a time to discover new products for which they weren’t even shopping. And considering 65% of retail sales are driven by impulse shopping, your queue can become a robust profit center with merchandising in place.

Once the basic structure of your line is organized for maximum efficiency and productivity, you can focus your attention on delighting customers with compelling products, information, and entertainment – in essence, designing their queue shopping experience. Keeping customers occupied through shopping while they wait gives you a chance to direct their attention to new products, sale items, complementary products or other items that you want to promote. It’s also a great time to reinforce your brand.

Make sure customers witness the quality of your products and customer service all the way through the line, because while they shop they are also checking you out. Below are two key ways to make the most of merchandising in the queue.

1. Display your products in compelling ways

Merchandising the queue can be tricky. In this high-traffic and sometimes stressful part of a store, you’ve got to keep things organized, easily accessible, and eye-catching. Of course, success starts with having the right mix of products. But the next step is finding the best way to display these products.

Try merchandising bowls or hanging features rather than simply placing or stacking products on shelves. Utilize the corners with shelving specifically designed for these underutilized spaces. Use magazine racks, hooks, and baskets to display your products in their best light.

2. Use digital signage to inform and entertain

Integrating digital signage with merchandising into the queue can take your results to the next level. Our field studies have shown as much as a 400% increase in impulse sales when retailers pair merchandising with digital signage.

Demonstrate how a product works through video. Or use entertaining graphics to promote aspects of your company or brand. With digital signage you can both inform and entertain customers while you have their attention in line.

Getting started: When it comes to customer service and the check-out process your waiting lines do not have to be “wasted space.” Instead, they can be used to increase impulse sales, gain higher customer satisfaction ratings, and generate better customer flow. Make it happen with a well-designed merchandising system that turns your waiting lines into prime selling space.

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