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The Upsides of a Great In-Queue Merchandising Plan [Infographic]

July 09, 2015Perry Kuklin

A great in-queue merchandising plan offers two major benefits: your customers are kept engaged while they wait and your business captures more impulse sales. When customers are left to their own devices when standing in your waiting line, they can easily become frustrated by the wait. With merchandising to focus on, people are more likely to stay busy and distracted from the wait at hand, and this will reduce the all-important perceived wait time. It’s how a customer feels while waiting in line that makes the difference in customer satisfaction, and if the wait feels tolerable then your merchandising is doing its job. Merchandising analytics combined with queue data will let you know for sure what’s working, enabling you to test key data from the queue with merchandise sales to find your waiting-to-selling sweet spot. A waiting line that operates smoothly from a productivity standpoint AND a merchandising standpoint is one that will ultimately produce more impulse sales AND more satisfied customers. Learn more from our latest infographic: how to maximize impulse sales

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