Demand-driven cleaning and real-time response.


Conserve just the right amount of attention to keep restrooms clean and avoid wasted resources.


Staff scheduling is made easier and more efficient with real-time and historical data.


Be alerted in order to respond quickly when conditions require immediate attention.

Gain the intelligence and structure you need to maintain a cleaner facility.

Maintain optimal cleanliness and address problematic conditions before they impact customer satisfaction.

Qtrac iM Intelligent Maintenance automatically:

  • Counts customers as they enter and exit the facility
  • Collects opinions of customers in real time
  • Records cleaning status
  • Optimizes cleaning schedule
  • Alerts staff when facility needs attention

Perfect for airports, malls, movie theaters, stadiums, office buildings, restaurants, hotels, convention centers and other high traffic venues.

How it works


Easy-to-install modular sensor counts customers as they enter and exit the facility

  • Detects customers anonymously
  • Direct counting
  • Simple ceiling mount
  • Unobstructive appearance
  • Data transmission via WLAN or GSM

Wall-mounted touchscreen collects opinions of customers in real time

  • Collects and reports customer feedback in real time
  • Different feedback options possible
  • Displays last cleaning time
  • Adaptable user interface

Touchscreen allows staff to check in and out, and record cleaning status

  • Records clock in / clock out times
  • Identifies staff or supervisors
  • Works with RFID Cards

Qtrac analyzes all data to determine optimal cleaning schedule

  • Know how service is delivered
  • Optimize service schedules

Real-time alerts notify staff when cleaning is needed

  • Allocate service to demand
  • Prevent service breakdowns with predictive metrics.
  • View real-time dashboards of status
  • Receive configurable alerts on browsers or mobile apps
  • Generate powerful historical reports

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