A New Way to Approach Facility Maintenance [Video]

Una nueva forma de abordar el mantenimiento de las instalaciones [Video]

Última actualización: November 12, 2015Perry Kuklin

Studies show that dirty or poorly-maintained facilities turn customers away and lead to negative word of mouth. It pays to invest in maintaining your restrooms, eating areas, and other facilities for optimal cleanliness. But doing so can be a real drain on a wide range of resources—time, money, cleaning products, water, and staffing. Qtrac iM is the easy-to-use and affordable demand-driven system that optimizes your maintenance resources by sending personnel where they’re needed and informing maintenance personnel when cleanliness falls out of an acceptable range. The base of Qtrac iM is a discreet but powerful sensor that counts people as they enter and exit the facility. The heart of the system is a touchscreen interface that collects real-time customer feedback and staff input as to how customers feel about the cleanliness of the facility and the frequency of staff visits. The brains of the system is a sophisticated algorithm that takes all of the data Qtrac iM collects and transforms it into real-time and historical insight managers can use to optimize cleaning schedules, resource utilization, and customer satisfaction. Watch this 90-second video to see how Qtrac iM:

  • Counts customers entering each facility
  • Learns and provides optimal cleaning schedule
  • Captures customer feedback in real-time
  • Provides insight to help managers respond
  • Works in any space requiring regular maintenance


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