Anatomy of a Quality Retractable Belt Stanchion [Infographic]

Anatomía de un poste con cinturón banda de calidad [Infografía]

Última actualización: December 06, 2012Perry Kuklin

Anatomy of a Stanchion Inforgraphic

A stanchion is just a plain old post, right? A metal tube that stands alone and holds a belt that keeps guests and customers in line. Au contraire! A quality retractable belt stanchion hides plenty of goodies within its depths to keep lines stable, secure, and effective. The fact that all of the benefits of this stanchion are not visible to the naked eye is a big part of its appeal. A retractable belt stanchion has five built-in ways of ensuring that the people who stand within its lengths will be kept safe from snapping belts, tipping stanchions, broken posts, or tumbling merchandising attachments. Safety precautions are there in spades when you choose the right brand, thanks to a continuous aluminum extrusion, cast iron base, automatic locking system, slow-retract belt, and a secure post-to-base connection. Versatility and flexibility might seem like a tall order, but the right retractable belt stanchion will allow users to attach belts from four different directions, or integrate a new stanchion into an existing queue– with its universal belt-end, it will easily attach to and blend in with existing stanchions. Even the littlest perks will make an impact on queue managers – like a non-marking, notched, rubberized base or full-color belt imprinting. Take a closer look at the anatomy of a quality retractable belt stanchion (our own Beltrac variety of course) in our latest infographic: (click image to view full size)

[INFOGRAPHIC] Anatomy of a Retractable Belt Stanchion

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