5 Signs You're Ready for Queue Management Technology

5 señales de que está listo para la tecnología de manejo de fila

Última actualización: December 10, 2014Perry Kuklin

Technology is engrossed in every aspect of business operations, and for retailers and service providers this includes the queue. Queuing technology promises greater efficiency and productivity but the big question for businesses is, how do you know if you’re ready to implement one of the many queue management technology solutions available? Check for these 5 signals that you’re not only ready, but in need of a queue management technology solution:

1. You're unable to predict backups in your queue before they get too long

If you are not prepared to handle inflows of customers, you could face severe bottlenecks and unnecessarily long wait times that can ultimately lead to very dissatisfied customers. Having historical data on hand to show the busy times of the day, week, month, and year will help you make precise predictions for optimal service allocation and improved overall customer flow throughout your queue. The key to capturing this data is through queue monitoring technology that collects information accurately and in a timely basis.

2. Your service loads are out of balance

Single-line queue

Do you recognize that one of your queues is heavily backed up while others do not possess more than a handful of customers? Technology can help you discover when and why this happens. You will then have the knowledge to proactively redirect traffic for even customer distribution across all queues.

3. Your customers are complaining about your queue

If you're hearing moans, groans, or experiencing the ultimate in telltale signs of customer dissatisfaction – reneging – it may be time to see how technology can help. Today’s customers are sophisticated shoppers that expect more out of their shopping or service experiences, which includes expecting more out of the waiting line. You need to meet, or exceed, these expectations to achieve complete customer satisfaction.

4. Your customers are not being served quickly enough

More customers flowing in and out of your queue generally translates to higher conversion rates and more revenue. If you’re not serving patrons in a timely manner, you’re leaving money on the table. Queue management technologies can help speed the throughput of customers and improve service productivity – it’s good for customer morale and good for business.

5. Your managers are uninformed


Are your queue managers aware when service times are out of the acceptable target range? If your answer is “no” then there is nothing your managers can do to react and stop potential backups, until it is too late. Try real-time monitoring that capitalizes on dashboard alerts and/or text messages that ensure managers receive the information they need in a timely manner. Managers can then address queuing issues before they get out of hand. Is your queue and business suffering at the hands of any of the situations listed above? It’s time to explore the many queue management technology solutions available to you for a faster, more customer-friendly, and profitable queue.


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