How to Stop Long Lines from Adding Stress to College Life

Última actualización: September 27, 2018Perry Kuklin

Little things can add up to turn a queue into a long, stressful wait for students. You can reverse this process and make the line move along faster by tackling the variables that increase the wait time one by one.

Technology can prove a helpful asset for pinpointing which variables are affecting wait times. Queue analytics offer powerful insights into historical and real-time insights by monitoring activity and computing potential issues, such as overly long wait times. In doing so, staff can receive alerts before bottlenecks or slow service occurs to proactively keep the line efficient.

Efficiency is the key to reducing actual wait times. A simple way to do this is by reducing service lag as much as possible with solutions such as call forward electronic queuing, which uses audio and visual messaging to hail the next student in line. In doing so, you streamline the queue system to increase customer throughput – serving more customers in less time without compromising on service.

Stress-free queuing goes hand-in-hand with a thoughtful queue design. University managers can strive to make the wait go by faster by making it more enjoyable for students – sometimes simply by adopting solutions that speed up the line. Learn more about how queue management solutions for education can help boost productivity and create a better overall campus experience.


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