Intelligent Queue Management: The Case for Caring [Infographic]

El manejo inteligente de filas de espera: Por qué preocuparse [Infografía]

Última actualización: March 25, 2015Perry Kuklin

There are many reasons to care about queue management. Your queue (or waiting line) is often the first and last interaction a customer will have with your business for a given transaction. The efficiency and organization of your queue sends a signal to customers about how much you value their patronage and it impacts the quality of their time spent waiting. It has been reported that businesses in the United States lose an estimated $83 billion in sales every year due to poor customer experiences. On the other hand, companies with a high customer service rating are 12 times more profitable than their competitors, according to PIMS Strategic Planning Institute. It really does pay to care about your queue. Our latest infographic looks at how you can improve with intelligent queue management and queue analytics technology. Intelligent queue management gives your queue what it needs by monitoring key performance indicators and ensuring you are “in the know” when it comes to the flow of your waiting lines. Learn more by exploring the full infographic here:

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