24-Foot Wall-Mounted Retractable Belt Safety Barrier

Barrera de Cinturón Retráctil con Montaje en la Pared de 24 pies

50-3015WB/24/SF |

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24-foot-long retractable belt barrier. Standard belt end. Includes Wall Receptacle (3011). Ideal for temporarily closing or blocking access to aisles, doorways, and corridors. 

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Manufactured, designed, and developed in the USA

Wall-mounted Retractable Belt Barriers give you the benefits of a stanchion-and-belt system without taking up valuable floor real estate. Wall-mounted Retractable Belt Barriers are attached to the wall with 4 screws, providing a convenient, low-profile barrier where you need it most. Ideal for aisle closures, blocking off wide corridors, and closing off entrances or passageways for cleaning or safety. The retractable belt can be inserted into a receptacle mounted on an opposing wall or directly to a portable stanchion. Includes a Wall Receptacle (3011) and all hardware. 

Beltrac design USPTO® No. 2,472,720.