Beltrac Standard Height Stanchion for Queue Guard Germ Shields

Beltrac Standard-Height Stanchion for Queue Guard

50-3002A/HB/SA/WC |

Gastos de preparación: none |

Se envia en: 3 Business Days


Please select Heavy-Base Stanchion for every start/end post, and every 4th stanchion.

1 Altura del poste
2 Estilo de la Base
3 Acabado
4 Empaque
Beltrac Standard-Height Stanchion for Queue Guard

Se envia en: 3 Business Days

Gastos de preparación: none


Superior Stanchion Base

  • Weighted steel stanchion base for superior stability.
  • Factory applied, rubber pads protect flooring and promote air flow, allowing wet floors to dry quickly without staining.
  • Optional weather-resistant base for outdoor use. Call for details.

Save on Shipping

  • Ordering Beltrac Stanchions as Knockdown reduces shipping costs by packaging them for maximum efficiency — 2 to a box.

Best-in-Class Warranty

  • 5 years.

Guías de Instalación:

Beltrac Stanchion / Post Assembly

  • STEP 1

    Align stanchion grooves to match the grooves on the Base Insert, then lower the post onto the base assembly.

  • STEP 2

    Before tightening bottom hex bolt, make sure post and base are perpendicular to one another and that there are no gaps between post and base.

  • STEP 3

    Use the supplied Allen Wrench (5/16" drive) to tighten the center Hex Bolt. Tighten minimum of 5 turns with at least 20 ft–lbs of torque.


    Over time, extensive handling of the stanchion may cause the rubber insert that holds the base to the post to loosen slightly. Should this happen, please use the Allen Wrench (5/16" Drive) to tighten the bottom hex bolt.