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5 Technologies Your Waiting Line is Asking For

February 18, 2015Perry Kuklin

If you have ever wanted to streamline your queue, give your customers a less stressful waiting experience, or fully maximize your in-queue merchandising efforts, then queue management technology may be in your future. Here we shamelessly promote 5 of our own technologies that can improve your queue in unique ways.

1. Qtrac iQ Intelligent Queue Management


Gone are the days of turnstyles for people counting. Today, you can benefit from intelligent queue management technology to measure customer flow, monitor waiting times, and manage the overall efficiency of your waiting lines. The Qtrac iQ Intelligent Queue Management system turns Beltrac® stanchions into virtual turnstyles and more! Built-in post sensors count customers as they enter, move through, and exit the queue. Yet the power of Qtrac iQ rests with its reporting capabilities. Real-time dashboards and alerts help maximize efficiency by monitoring throughput and predicting backups before lines get too long. A historical reporting suite helps manage service point utilization, predict service demands, and optimize wait times.

2. Qtrac iQ Impulse Merchandise Analytics

merchandising analytics

Merchandising today is about more than just placing items in the queue and hoping that sales develop. The Qtrac iQ Impulse Merchandising Analytics system offers web-style analytics for front-end merchandising so you can maximize impressions, optimize dwell time for maximum profits, and increase impulse sales.

3. Qtrac CF Call Forward Queuing

electronic queuing system  

There is always room to increase service efficiency in the queue, and the Qtrac CF Call Forward Queuing system is designed to do just that. By adding visual and audible display alerts to the queue, customer flow is streamlined and your service agents can make more efficient use of their time on the clock. Digital displays that accompany call forward queuing systems also offer an opportunity to display promotions – or information of any kind – to a captive audience, potentially boosting sales while offering enough distraction to make the wait feel faster.

4. Qtrac VR Virtual Queuing

virtual queuing

Would your customers jump for joy at the idea of being set free from the confines of a waiting line? The Qtrac VR Virtual Queuing system allows customers to wait for service without being forced to mark time standing in a physical line. Your customers can register for their “place in line” via a kiosk, or online before they arrive at your place of business. While waiting, they can continue to shop or otherwise occupy time. QtracVR automatically communicates with customers while they wait their turn, sending messaging apprising them of their estimated wait time, then messaging them when their turn is imminent. The system can also be programmed to send automated, targeted messages to customers via text or email.

5. Qtrac Media Manager

electronic queuing

This powerful digital signage software centralizes content management and scheduling. You decide where and when specific promotions, messages, or other information will be aired on digital displays with the flexibility to control and manage one store or an entire region from one location.   Which of these technologies is your queue asking for? Connect with a queue expert today to learn more about the Lavi Qtrac technologies, and find out which is best for your needs.

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