Addressing the 3 Big Concerns of Transportation Queuing

Addressing the 3 Big Concerns of Transportation Queuing

Last updated: June 06, 2013Perry Kuklin

Facility, security, and operations managers in the transportation industry face three big transportation queuing related concerns: passenger safety, quality of the customer experience, and operational excellence. It is possible to address each of these issues effectively and simultaneously with a well-planned approach to queue management.

Ensuring Passenger Safety

ensuring passenger safety

When passengers are guided by concise directions, clearly defined pathways, and an obvious sense of the right and wrong way to go, tempers are tamed and safety is enhanced. Safety is a multi-pronged challenge in the queue. You need stanchions that can withstand the “elements” of passengers and baggage, you need belts and rails that are designed with safety in mind, and you need barriers to block off unsafe or restricted areas.

Lavi Tip: Improve passenger safety with TSA approved products and innovative solutions like our JetTrac™ instant large area retractable barrier, the industry's longest retractable belt stanchion. Very large areas can be easily cordoned off within minutes by a single person.

Creating a Pleasant Customer Experience

create a pleasant envitornment

Travelers may often be in a rush, but they’re not so pressed for time that they don’t register a poor customer service experience in the queue. Ultimately, how people respond to the service they receive is reflected in their loyalty – a recent global research study found that brands could lose up to 20 percent of their annual revenue due to inconsistent customer experiences. When a customer’s happiness clearly doesn’t matter, people have no qualms about taking their business elsewhere. Proof? The same study found that 89 percent of customers switched brands because of a bad experience. Making a serious and concentrated investment to ensure and maintain a passenger’s satisfaction through well-conceived and executed strategies comes across clearly.

Lavi Tip: Promotional messaging, videos, or commercials can be displayed on our state-of-the-art electronic queuing systems. In-line tables can offer passengers an opportunity to fill out needed paperwork or bag tags.

Mastering Operational Excellence

maximize customer flow

Whether in the ticket office, check-in, security screening, or the food service lines, efficient queues lead to greater agent productivity, higher sales, and more satisfied passengers. All of these factors contribute directly and indirectly to operational excellence. Strategic staffing and planning of queues will help lines operate at a steady, reasonable pace.

Lavi Tip: Use real-time queue monitoring and analytics to generate metrics for improving service line and productivity performance while generating data to optimize staff levels.

Speak with a Lavi expert to determine the optimal combination of transportation queue management solutions to improve passenger safety, enhance the quality of the customer experience, and drive operational excellence.


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