Top 10 Queue Management Articles From 2015

Top 10 Queue Management Articles From 2015

Last updated: December 29, 2015Perry Kuklin

It’s always fun and insightful for us to end the year with a look back at the articles we’ve published on this blog. We hope you will enjoy and find value in the 10 most-read blog posts of 2015:

1. Strategies to Manage Extra Long Waiting Lines

A long line at the grocery store is one thing, but a long line at an airport or an amusement park is a whole other monster. Businesses or organizations tasked with moving hundreds or even thousands of people through a queue efficiently, safely, and enjoyably are familiar with the many challenges. Here are a few of our top strategies for dealing with extra-long lines: Read the full post >

2. How to Maximize Impulse Sales in the Queue [Infographic]

You know that the best place to capitalize on customer downtime is while they’re waiting in the queue, but how do you create a merchandising plan that truly maximizes impulse sales in this crucial location? Read the full post >

3. 15 Queue Management Tips for 2015

There is no better time than now to look at how you can improve your waiting lines or queues. Customers will thank you and your business will benefit from a queue that is well managed. Here are 15 queue management tips for a better 2015: Read the full post >

4. 6 Benefits of Intelligent Queue Management for Airports

Passengers are known to arrive at airports stressed, short on time, and distracted by any number of concerns. The stress is intensified when faced with long and seemingly endless queues. Read the full post >

5. Why Fitting Rooms Should Try On Virtual Queuing

Fitting rooms can be an area of delight or misery, depending on a person’s state of mind, body image, finances, and whether they’re shopping alone or with company. While a retailer can’t do much about some of these factors, there are a few things retailers can enhance to encourage shoppers to stay put and try on. Read the full post >

6. How DFW Airport is Taking the Passenger Experience to New Heights [Case Study]

Successfully guiding 174,000 travelers per day through the ins and outs of a large airport is challenging enough. Add to that the need to win the loyalty of passengers who have rising expectations for their travel experience. Now imagine your ultimate goal is to be at the top of your industry by creating an environment worthy of being called the “airport of the future.” Read the full post >

7. 5 Benefits of Intelligent Queue Management for Retail

Every retailer, from the smallest coffee shop to the largest brick-and-mortar store, has the potential to benefit from intelligent queue management. Powerful queuing analytics delivered through an intelligent queue management system can allow you to track customer flow, service levels, and queue lengths. Queue management technology eliminates guessing about the effectiveness of your queue, instead providing valuable insight to help improve operations and, most importantly, the customer experience. Read the full post >

8. How 3 Different Industries Can Use Intelligent Queue Management

If your business has considered intelligent queue management technology, it can be helpful to learn how the technology is being used in industries like yours. Here we look at transportation, retail, and amusement parks – three industries where waiting lines and queues play a key role in customer satisfaction and business efficiency. Read the full post >

9. What is Intelligent Queue Management?

A traditional definition of queue management centers on the use of physical barriers or guidance systems to direct people in, through, and out of a queuing area. So what is Intelligent Queue Management? Read the full post >

10. How to Design Your Own Queue

So, it’s time to redesign your queue? Whether you’re opening a new business location or looking to upgrade your current queue, it’s important to understand the best practices of queue design. This is the place your customers will form lasting impressions about your business so it’s important to get it right. Read the full post > We hope you enjoyed our 2015 top blog recap. Stay tuned in 2016 for more articles from the Public Guidance Blog. dont hate the wait


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