What is Intelligent Queue Management?

What is Intelligent Queue Management?

Last updated: March 10, 2015Perry Kuklin

A traditional definition of queue management centers on the use of physical barriers or guidance systems to direct people in, through, and out of a queuing area. So what is Intelligent Queue Management? Intelligent queue management harnesses the power of technology, whether it be WiFi, cameras, or sensors, to monitor the status of a queuing area and provide managers with actionable information. Systems can help managers understand how queuing variables, such as average wait times, service rates, and arrival rates, impact the customer experience. The combination of an intelligent queue management solution and resulting reporting dashboards can offer real-time and historical insight to maintain the health of a queue so customers are happier, staff members are more productive, and business is more efficient. How can intelligent queue management improve your business?

Access real-time and historical data.

With real-time and historical data, such as customer traffic patterns, you’ll be able to better manage your queue and the customer experience. You will know how your queue is performing in both real-time and over a given time period, allowing your business to appropriately staff the queue and service points, and head problems off before they escalate.


Measure and monitor KPIs.

Intelligent queue management is about more than directing customers to service agents in an organized and timely manner. Your business can have the ability to measure and monitor key performance indicators such as queue length, wait time, customer count, arrival and service rates, open service points and more to give insight into your queue, and actionable information. With an intelligent queue management solution, information can be viewed on easy-to-understand web-style dashboards, giving queue managers the information they need to effectively manage their queue.

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Efficiency through automation.

By automating the measurement and monitoring of queue KPIs, managers are able to do what they do best, manage. An intelligent queue management system can send instant alerts via text or email to managers so they can head problems off before they occur. And when a business keeps lines moving, they are improving and streamlining the customer experience. Learn more about intelligent queue management and the technologies available to turn your data into actionable insight. Download the Ultimate Guide to Improving Your Queue and the Customer Experience.


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