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Introducing the New Lavi.com — A Holistic Approach to Public Guidance

August 03, 2017Perry Kuklin

Today, we are proud to announce the official launch of our new website, making it easier than ever for you to find, understand, and implement the architectural railings, queue management, and crowd control solutions you need.

The market, as well as customer expectations, are changing at break-neck speeds. Designing effective public spaces is no longer a simple exercise. Today’s managers must provide solutions that cater to diverse needs:  a positive customer experience, a safe and secure environment, efficient customer flow, an effective and optimized workforce, and a healthy bottom line.

Our new website is organized to help you quickly and effectively find answers to your questions, discover unique solutions, and understand how to maximize the benefits from each approach. The website is loaded with informational content, downloadable tips and guides, and detailed product information and specification sheets with pictures, features, benefits, and more.

The updated website highlights the latest in queue management technology, crowd control and queuing, store fixtures and merchandising, and premium architectural railing systems. But more importantly, through the many available resources, guides, infographics, and articles throughout the site, we discuss how to pull it all together to create a holistic, engaging experience for your customer.

Check out the new features:

Click on over to the new lavi.com and discover for yourself how we can help upgrade your space and your bottom line

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